LDA: who is it, friends, songs, girlfriend, parents

“TOthe moment of the announcement of my name among the Big, everything happened at home. Neighbors even came to ask if all goes well». To tell it is LDAaka Luke D’Alessiowho with his 19 years is the youngest of the competitors of this edition of the Sanremo Festival.

In the end “we all ate together and it was a great emotion to share».

But being the youngest is not the only characteristic of the artist: Luca is in fact the son of Gigi D’Alessio, and is trying to follow in his father’s footsteps in music.

Gigi D’Alessio and Luca D’Alessio in concert in Rome. (Getty Images)

Gigi D’Alessio’s advice to LDA

Papa Gigi «is the my first fan, but the only advice he gave me is to enjoy the Festival», said the boy. His surname at the beginning «it felt like a burdenI hid behind the initials, but always with them proud».

His father “did his way and I’m doing mine. I wanted to make people understand that I am something else than what dad does. We are two different styles, two different types of writing. We are day and night in music.”

LDA at the Giffoni Film Festival 2022. (Getty Images)

Of doors in the face «I’ve had enough, especially at the beginning. I didn’t tell dad and I introduced myself to the producers to be listened to: they said they didn’t have time, I didn’t use my surname as a shortcut».

LDA ensures that «never used his face to be successful: I always used mine. I am not the “son of” but LDA. A boy who he’s also learning to be less shy and make Luca’s voice heard, as Luca thinks».

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LDA and the song If then tomorrow

If then tomorrow is the song that LDA will present on stage at the Ariston. «I wrote it in half an hour last summer, together with my cousin Francesco: guitar and voice was born. The next day I was supposed to record a reggaeton. I thought about it at the last minute: it’s not for me». LDA prefers to continue «the tradition neomelodiccontaminating it with more pop melodic lines and urban sounds».

If then tomorrowwhich anticipates his new album What’s good and which will be released on February 17 («where I enjoyed varying the sounds: trap, soul, ballad, dancehall, bossanova, trap… I spoke of Luca, of his life, of his Naples»), «it is one normal love song. Perhaps his strength, paradoxically, lies in this: simplicity is what makes it special».

It is an «autobiographical love song, which tells a personal story which I really care a lot. I wrote it all at once in a moment of indecision, I hope that my emotions and sensations reach people».

On the cover night, however, he will bring the song «Today it’s me. And by my side I will have Alex Britti».

LDA’s career

Son of art, LDA publishes his first unreleased in 2017, stay, released following the feat with Il Mago, who asks him to collaborate on his song Horizonhaving noticed his performances online.

The artist on stage. (Getty Images)

Three years later, in 2020, he takes part in the single Good morning interpreted by his father Gigi D’Alessio, together with other known artists of the Neapolitan scene, such as Clementine, CoCo, Enzo Dong, Franco Ricciardi, Samurai Jay and Vale Lambo. In the same year he collaborates with Astol and Robledo on the song Let’s meet tonight.In March 2021 he released his second single Live mereleased a few months before entering Amici’s school.

Only a year later, LDA indeed enters the school Friends: wins the evening shirt, but without reaching the the final. At the beginning of 2022 he released the single What hurtsfirst certified gold and then platinum (data released by Fimi/GfK Italia).

After launching the new single Bandanapresented during the last episode of the evening in which he took part, the debut album was released last May LDA.

Luca D’Alessio on stage in Rome, in 2021. (Getty Images)

The experience at Friends

“I think my, ad Friendshas been a very linear path», he said, «because I entered when I was a child and I came out almost a man». At the start “I didn’t expect to go insidewhile I was singing I was already thinking: “Here, it’s over, now I’m leaving and who knows what I’ll do”».

There was no shortage of difficult moments. «Arrived at the Serale, after an afternoon in which I felt good, at a certain point i shut down. A bit for the distance from familybut also for the pressure and it stress». Then, after 5-6 months «that you work and write every day is normal not having more ideas or repeating yourself».

Among his detractors, Anna Pettinelli. «At the beginning I experienced it really badly, I couldn’t understand why Anna said certain things. I was in troubleI was afraid to say certain things and turn out arrogant and obnoxious”.

The singer in 2022. (Getty Images)

Pettinelli «told me all sorts of things, from Gigi D’Alessio 3.0 to the “texts with mothballs”, I remember them all. I have kept all his lettersthey give me strength. I am convinced that she has nothing towards me, she just doesn’t like me. Anyway, it made me boneso thank you.”

Before Sanremo, he also called Maria De Filippi to ask her advice. «Yes, I heard from her and I thanked her once again for giving me a huge opportunity. Her advice? Nodon’t get caught up in anxieties like you used to Friends. I want to make her proud too.”

LDA has experienced bullying episodes

LDA had to leave Naples «when the news linked to the separation of my parents. My former classmates they took advantage of my weaknesses to hurt me».

At the time he couldn’t answer because «I wasn’t strong enough. Dad’s popularity wasn’t good for me. I hardly saw him, he was always traveling for work. I was too young to understand that he did it for me and my brothers, for guarantee us a future».

The reputation of “recommended”

Predictably, LDA has suffered the brunt of a important surname. «If I weren’t a child of art, probably me too I would be skeptical of Gigi D’Alessio’s son that goes to the race in Sanremo», explained the young man. But at the Festival «I will demonstrate that if I have arrived here, the surname is not included: I have the potential. And clear ideas.”

On his experience in Sanremo, he adds that “however it goes, it will be an emotion that I will carry imprinted in my heart and mind,” he explained. “I am things that happen only once in a lifetime». Very young, but already a lot wise.