Lauri Markkanen took a shower in the NBA

Lauri Markkanen was removed from the field in a miserable losing match.

Lauri Markkanen’s wonderful streak was broken. Photo from the Chicago Bulls game on January 7th. PDO

Lauri Markkanen Utah Jazz played a weak game and lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA by 111-124.

Markkanen’s own match ended miserably when he was kicked out in the last quarter. He fouled opposing players six times, leading to a foul by the rules.

Markkanen had time to throw 19 points before his exit. Thus ended his streak of 20+ points in 20 games.

There were all the conditions for the streak to continue, but the Finnish star’s three-point shot was completely wasted. He succeeded only once in seven attempts.

Markkanen’s statistics line was completed by seven rebounds and two steals. Not a single pass was marked for him.

After the game, Utah fans went wild on social media for their new All-Star player.

– Take Markkanen’s All Star spot away from him. How could they lose to this Mavericks team? One fan wondered.

Dallas’ pitching staff was pretty weak on paper, as the team traded their starting lineup on Monday to get a breakout star Kyrie Irving’s. Irving didn’t play against Utah, and neither did the team’s No. 1 stick Luka Doncic.