Going to the office every day, no more PCR tests at major events and almost all other corona measures are also being abolished. Minister Ernst Kuipers announced this during a press conference on Tuesday 15 March.

    “We still see that vaccinations provide a high degree of protection,” said Minister Ernst Kuipers. The government believes that this is why it is possible to relax. The last measures will expire on Wednesday 23 March.

    Basic advice remains

    Only the basic advice still applies. This means that the government advises people to wash their hands regularly and to cough into the elbow. The government also advises everyone to be tested in the event of complaints.

    An overview of all changes:

    • You no longer have to wear a mouth cap in public transport.
    • Work from home advice no longer applies.
    • The 1G policy for major events will expire. That means you no longer have to do a PCR test if you go to an indoor event where there are more than five hundred people.
    • Vaccinated travelers who come to the Netherlands no longer need to take a PCR test.
    • Unvaccinated travelers must do a PCR test. That is because of the European agreements.

    During the press moment, Minister Ernst Kuipers indicated that the digital corona certificate will expire for the time being, but that it can be used again if the infections and hospital admissions increase.

    Good news for the event industry

    This also means good news for the festivals in Zoetermeer. King’s Day, the Liberation Festival, Zoetermeer Culinary, Historical Festival: in principle they can all continue. Check our calendar for the best activities scheduled for 2022.

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