Ktm 790 Adventure 2023: how the renewed medium enduro is made

The new medium enduro will be produced by CFMoto in China. It will arrive in April and will be degradable to be driven with an A2 license at the age of 18. Here are the engine power data and the technical sheet

Matthew Solinghi


02 December

– obidos (portugal)

It seems like a lifetime ago, and instead it was only four years ago that Ktm launched the 790 Adventure. A medium-sized enduro with an innovative design, capable of breaking the mold and contributing to influencing the technical development of the entire medium-engined adventure segment in the years to come. In between, in these four years, various configurations of the 890 Adventure, the last one also presented in Portugal, after hours.

Based on the 890 Adventure

Today the 790 Adventure returns to the world of the market renewed and characterized by an aesthetic inspired by the 450 Rally Replica. The cantilevered headlight gives way to a rally-style fairing, integrated into the front end and the 20-litre tank. The tank itself, which extends sinuously downwards, is the central element of this bike’s design: together with the engine, it is protected by new elements in aluminum and injected plastic, which are particularly resistant to knocks and scratches. The technical basis remains that of the 890: they have everything in common, from the superstructures to the chassis, except the engine. And the production factory, which will be CFMoto’s in China.

The technical basis

The 790 Adventure 2023 relies on a solid and tested chassis: the chrome-molybdenum steel frame works in synergy with the WP Apex suspension with 200 mm travel. The engine that powers the 790 Adventure is a guarantee of fluidity and reliability: it is the 799 cc LC8c parallel twin, Euro 5 approved, capable of delivering 95 HP at 8,000 rpm and 88 Nm at 6,500 rpm. This allows you to stay below the maximum power limit allowed to be depowered to 48 HP and therefore be driven at the age of 18 with an A2 license. Compared to the previous version, the engine has seen a 20% increase in rotating masses: an update that makes the bike more stable when cornering at constant speed, without compromising its agility. The new throttle bodies help make power delivery cleaner and more efficient thanks to improved combustion, while the knock control sensor ensures consistent performance even when using low-octane fuels. The Pasc clutch has also been improved through the use of new trimmed discs, while the engine breathes more freely through a renewed filter box.


All these updates have led to a general improvement of the bike and an increase in riding pleasure, which is further amplified by the sophisticated electronics on board. In fact, like its older sisters, the 790 Adventure is also equipped with the most recent 6D inertial platform, which supplies useful information for managing traction control and for other functions, such as ABS cornering, engine torque adjustment release and riding mode management. As with its older sister Ktm 890 Adventure, the ABS automatically adapts to the selected riding mode, thus eliminating the “inconvenience” for the rider to match the specific ABS configuration to the relative map. There is a wide choice of additional electronic equipment in the Ktm PowerParts catalogue, all of which can be tested in the first 1,500 km thanks to the new Demo function: this allows the rider to immediately test the entire range of optionals for driving assistance and to perfect the purchase of the same, or of a part of them, only at a later time.

Aerodynamics and ergonomics

On board the 790 Adventure 2023, the rider feels protected by a high windscreen and by the superstructures around the tank capable of deflecting most of the air during travel, thanks to the fairing with a slit in the upper part which prevents the air from create strange swirls resulting in sudden jolts to the rider’s head at high speeds. The bike promises excellent seating thanks to the new two-piece saddle, adjustable to two positions (840/860 mm in height) and available in different optional configurations in the Ktm PowerParts catalogue.


The cockpit is supported by a reinforced structure that allows you to add additional instruments for navigation: compared to the previous model it is embellished by a 5″ Tft display that reacts to ambient light and uses a redesigned menu system, with new infographics for customization more intuitive than the options available. Furthermore, by synchronizing the instrument cluster with the KtmConnect app, it is possible to access a series of particularly useful supports during the journey, such as the list of 10 predefined contacts, the list of the last 10 phone calls made or the parameters for Turn-by-Turn Plus navigation while driving.

When it arrives

The new 790 Adventure 2023 was entirely designed in Austria and will be manufactured in China by CFMoto, a close and structured partner of KTM, with quality factories that meet the highest construction standards. This collaboration is not the first started by KTM, which over the years has demonstrated how important globalization is for the growth of its brands in the global two-wheeler market. The decision to dust off the 790 was born not only from the need to be able to offer a depotential and drivable product with an A2 license, but also to position itself in the middle of the medium enduro segment, since the 890 Adventure is the representative of KTM at its peak of this same segment. The Ktm 790 Adventure 2023 will be offered in two colors (white or black) and will arrive in official dealerships from April 2023. The price is yet to be defined.

Ktm 790 Adventure 2023: the technical data sheet

Motor4 stroke parallel twin
Displacement790 cc
Bore x stroke88 x 65.7mm
Maximum power95 HP at 8,000 rpm
Maximum torque88Nm at 6,500rpm
Declared consumption4.2 litres/100 km
Chassismade of chromium-molybdenum steel with the engine as the stressed member
Front suspensionWP Apex 43mm diameter fork, 200mm travel
Rear suspensionWP Apex monoshock, 200 mm travel
Front brakedouble disc with four-piston calipers, diameter 320 mm
Rear brakesingle disc with double piston caliper, diameter 260 mm
Ground clearance233mm
Saddle height840 / 860mm
Reservoir20 litres
Dry weight199kg