Kristiina Mäkelä opened up about the questionable photography in the triple jump.

    Kristiina Mäkelä bravely took a stand. PASI LEISMA

    Triple Jumper Kristiina Mäkelä has taken a straightforward stand on the issue that annoyed him.

    Mäkelä opened up about taking questionable photos at the defect site, which he thinks are very intentional.

    In his Instagram post, Mäkelä referred to the World Championships held in Eugene earlier in July.

    – How is it possible that the competition organizer allows the cameras to be set up to film the intermediate jump of the triple jump, where every athlete is forced to open their legs and the lens only focuses on one place? And the mainstream media still publishes these pictures, Mäkelä growled.

    If you don’t see the embed, you can watch it from here.

    – How would you feel if someone at your workplace took pictures of your crotch and published them in a magazine?

    Mäkelä also said in his publication that he asked for the cameras to be removed from the side of the ski jump at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, when his wish was fulfilled, but only in the qualifiers.

    In Mäkelä’s opinion, the placement of the cameras is no accident.

    – Filming is carried out very consciously, the defector wrote.

    Mäkelä finished ninth in the triple jump final at this year’s World Championships in Eugene.