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Post-pandemic, the orientation towards a successful leadership model has changed. First, why the definition of success was put in check by the lethal threat of viruses. This made many people rethink “what it means to be successful.” On the other hand, submission to the will of a boss had also been questioned, which caused other views to appear about leading teams, and other proposals to achieve it. In this change of era throughout the world, we became aware that how we lead is part of who we are.

Obviously there are many proposals and views of leadership: there are those who want to teach you how to “dominate, hypnotize, dazzle” the team so that they achieve the results that you want to achieve; to those who propose formulas to be applied and who will give you great equipment. Those of us at Koru Academy believe that how we exercise leadership is a result of our history, wounds, emotions, personal characteristics, how we were led and learned techniques. That is why all our proposals are based on this philosophy.

Conscious leadership has self-knowledge as its pillars, which then translates into skills to know collaborators. Only those who have listened to themselves, looked deeply, valued their abilities and strengths, and embraced their weaknesses, the unskilled, can empathize with others in all areas of life. Imagine how transformative it is for the culture of organizations. Authenticity, empathy, compassion (without justification) become team values.

Creativity is also a pillar of conscious leadership. And it is the result of that inner work that I told you, when you are sure, sure of who you are, you are not afraid to reinvent yourself, to freely think of even crazy solutions. Another value that comes hand in hand with the empathy I talked about before is service. A conscious leader understands that he is already there to accompany, train, mentor, that is why his agenda is not packed with work and he provides free time for this. The other great pillar is purpose and vision, they come together. It is your personal “why” as a leader and “where you personally want to go.” Being clear about this implies a lot of genuine inner work, to really know that of everything you do and have done, you do it for yourself and not to respond to the expectations of others.

Being a conscious leader, which starts from being a self-aware human being, is not a straight and short path, it is lifelong and at times avoidable. And this is what makes someone inspiring and motivating to their collaborators.

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