KLM will cancel a limited number of flights this summer. Travelers whose flight does not go ahead will be offered an “acceptable alternative”, the airline reported on Thursday. Because Schiphol has set a maximum number of travelers per day, all airlines must take action this summer.

    KLM says that people whose flights have to be canceled can still fly the same day or as close to that date as possible. “Travellers affected by this will be personally informed as soon as possible.”

    The company will also sell fewer tickets for the summer period. This should also help to meet the requirements of the airport.

    During the May holidays, Schiphol was faced with major shortages among security personnel and elsewhere at the airport. Those problems will continue into the summer. In order to prevent unsafe situations, the number of travelers will be severely curtailed.

    KLM once again states that limiting the number of travelers cannot be a structural solution to the problems.