Kleine Mathias is the 225,000th Tilburger and comes from… Udenhout

Mathias Hilgers is the 225,000th Tilburger and that milestone called for a party. Mayor Theo Weterings came for a maternity visit with a lot of Tilburg gifts and a fanfare. The cradle of this special new Tilburger may be in Udenhout, but that is no problem according to his father. “We feel like real Tilburgers.”

Little Mathias was born on February 13. A few days after the report, the family was told that he was the 225,000th resident of the municipality of Tilburg. Mathias has two sisters, Sophie, who is almost five, and Amelie, who is one and a half.

Mother Manon Schellekens is very proud of her son. “I have seen such a happy child. He is doing very well. Mathias sleeps and eats well and hardly cries.” She thinks it is funny and special that her son is such a milestone for Tilburg, even though he lives in Udenhout. “He will remain unique forever!”

With the carnival just around the corner, the question is of course whether Mathias is a Jar or a Haozenpot. “Both actually”, says mother Manon a bit hesitantly, but father Axel is a bit firmer. “We are real Tilburgers, so a bit more of a Jar”, he says with a laugh. The green-orange scarf hasn’t been bought yet, but it probably won’t be long.

Mayor Theo Weterings did not come to a maternity visit empty-handed, says Manon. “Certainly not, he brought a Tilburg flag, a Tilburg romper and bib. Very nice and we will definitely hang that flag.” Furthermore, the mayor also took an official letter of congratulations from the city council and a reading drink for ‘a real jug’.

The surprises did not stop there, however. “They had said that some noise would be made and then suddenly the brass band was standing in the street,” Mathias tells his mother with a laugh.

Hofkapel De Sleutelsollers played the Tilburg national anthem, but then received a request from father Axel. “Whether they could play Willem II’s club song, of course.” That was no problem and it immediately became clear which sporting upbringing little Mathias receives. “Let’s hope he really becomes a fan,” says father Axel with a laugh.

The municipality of Tilburg expects the next milestone of 250,000 inhabitants around 2050.