King Charles III in Transylvania: escape alone in his villa

dfter the stress of the Coronation on 6 May and the many official commitments completed in the following days, King Charles III can’t take it anymore. At 74 years of age, and with a very busy schedule of appointments, he has decided to take a break for a while. And after the short break in Sandringham with his wife, Queen Camilla, the ruler packs his bags and goes alone to the land of Dracula, in Romania.

King Charles’s ‘Blue House’ in Viscri, Romania (Getty Images)

King Charles III takes refuge in Blue House, in Romania

The destination is, like every year, the Transylvania, where the ruler owns the blue housea very rustic looking country farmhouse and with external walls painted blue, purchased in 2006 in the idyllic village of Viscri. In that remote location (just 400 inhabitants) and far from the pressures of the English court, Carlo manages to relax without distractions enjoying a few days – always too few – of rest and solitude.

Queen Camilla stays at home

The departure of the king is scheduled for early June but Camilla will not accompany him. Carlo intends to stay in Romania for at least a week, days in which his wife is, however, busy organizing the first literary event linked to her book club, The Queen’s Reading Room Festivalwhich will be held on Sunday 11 June at Hampton Court, near London.

Separate holidays for Charles and Camilla (Hugo Burnand/Royal Household 2023/PA Wire / Avalon)

The love of King Charles III for Romania

Charles, still prince at the time, was in love with blue house during an official visit to the area in 1998. The valley in which the villa is located had struck him a lot as it is located in an area where the land is still cultivated using pre-industrial methods today. AND to stay there for a few days, he had no problem sleeping on an improvised wooden bed and using the outdoor latrinesforcing her bodyguards to do it as well.

The Drawing Room of King Charles’ Villa in Romania (IPA)

All in the blue house of King Charles III

Surrounded by woodland, forest and vast fields of wild flowers, with the rich biodiversity that Charles is trying to recreate in his beloved Highgrove, there blue house boasts seven bedrooms, a dining room, two living rooms and a simple kitchen, all furnished in a rustic style, with Transylvanian antiques. The king occupies it every year for no more than a week, at the beginning of summer, but for the rest of the time he doesn’t want it to remain empty. And he is willing to rent it, with prices starting from around 170 euros per night.

Carlo isolates himself from everyone in the land of vampires

By Carlo’s wish – which after the blue house has bought and refurbished other Romanian properties, creating jobs for the local population and making them available for rent when he himself is not in the area – the farm does not include television and radio, just so as not to disturb the peace and tranquility of the location. In this way the ruler, who doesn’t even own a cell phone, can be sure of getting away from everything and everyone. Even if only for a few days.

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