King Charles does not forgive the accusations against Camilla

THE British tabloids call it a real “revenge” by King Charles. Last January, forced to wait like all mere mortals for the publication of Shoot, Harry’s memoir, the sovereign would have gone into a rage to read a report prepared by his assistants on the contents of the book, including the accusations made by his son against Camilla. AND allegedly decided there and then to evict the Sussexes from their only British home, Frogmore Cottage, communicating it as early as January 11, that is, the day after the publication of the book.

King Charles does not forgive those who offend Camilla

Prince Harry, they say at court, has touched on a topic on which Charles does not compromise: his beloved Camilla. Throughout the docuseries Netflix released last December, and interviews released in January to promote his memoir Shootthe prince had described the stepmother as “the villain of the situation”and the real promoter of Megxit.

Camilla would have pushed Meghan to leave

Describing the stepmother as a dangerous individual, for the first time Harry had mentioned the close relations of the current queen consort with the British media – interactions that would be the basis of the negativity shown over the years by the local press towards the Sussexes, and therefore of their decision to flee overseas. According to Harry, it would have been Camilla who passed information about Meghan to English journalists.

Harry and William (left) at their father Charles’ wedding to Camilla, Windsor, April 9, 2005 (WireImage)

A difficult decision for King Charles

The decision to evict Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage – the Windsor villa granted by the Queen to the Sussexes on their wedding day, in May 2018 – would have been taken by Charles with difficulty, given his determination not to worsen the conflicts with his son . But they would have been enough to convince the sovereign quick consultations with Camilla and William, both agreeing on its inevitability following Harry’s sensational accusations. Consultations took place on the day of the release of Shoot.

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The “last straw” for King Charles

Sources at the court told the English tabloid The Mirror that, following the recent accusations made by Harry to Camilla, the relationship between father and son, as well as between Harry and William, have now deteriorated and a reconciliation is deemed highly unlikely. But the problem of the Coronation remains, on May 6th. Will the Sussexes be there? Despite everything, Buckingham Palace still doesn’t feel like excluding him.

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