Kehl with plain text: Adeyemi “understood that he had to do more”

After initial difficulties, Karim Adeyemi seems to have finally arrived at Borussia Dortmund. After the 5-1 win against SC Freiburg, the BVB professional spoke about his performance improvement. Sports director Sebastian Kehl also gave praise.

“The goal was pure goose house for me,” he said to the “Ruhr Nachrichten” with a view to his goal to make it 2-1 in the meantime.

“If things are going well, you might dare to do more things and luck is also there that these things work out,” he explained of his boost in the new year and continued: “You perform better in training when you know that you have to step on the gas.”

At the BVB gala against Freiburg, Adeyemi not only scored a goal, the 21-year-old also broke the Bundesliga speed record at 36.65 km/h.

“There’s still a bit to do. In training for sprint tests it was 37 km/h,” said Adeyemi, but noted with a smile: “Maybe it went a bit downhill there.”

Adeyemi declares a jubilant fall

Adeyemi also spoke to the newspaper about his fall while celebrating 3-1 by Sébastian Haller. The winger jumped on the cheering bunch of BVB professionals, but landed on the ground a short time later.

“It was spectacular, but nothing happened. I’m acrobatic,” explained the youngster. It was “funny” that he was pushed down by captain Marco Reus.

BVB sports director Kehl praises Adeyemi

Adeyemi has already contributed three points (two goals, one assist) in the first four games of the new calendar year. It was the national player’s first goal participation in the Bundesliga after he switched from RB Salzburg to Dortmund for 30 million euros in the summer.

“He has made a real step forward in the last three games,” sports director Sebastian Kehl praised the attacker in the “Ruhr Nachrichten”: “Karim worked hard and of course we had a lot of talks.”

Adeyemi “understood that he had to do more than what he showed in the first six months. He expects the same from himself”.