Kärppi fans were removed from the ice rink – The drunken chess moved to the swimming pool

The police directed the intoxicated fans away from the cafeteria of the swimming hall.

According to the police, the Kärppä fans stayed in the cafeteria of Kuntolaakso swimming hall until they were removed from the place. Illustration image. kallerna / Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-4.0

Ten supporters of the Oulu Kärppi were removed from the Kuopio Kuntolaakso ice rink on Saturday. Kärpät played in Kuopio against KalPa.

CEO of KalPa Toni Saksman confirmed that the supporters did not behave according to the instructions of the law enforcement officers.

– Nothing miraculous has happened. It was a pretty simple case where viewers had to be removed when they didn’t follow the instructions.

– They hung out there with KalPa’s fans and refused to leave, so that’s why they were removed. We wanted to prevent possible situations. Nothing happened, the CEO said.

According to Saksman, the activities of the kärppä fans were already noticed before the game started.

– They were instructed and given time. When the speech didn’t work, the police patrol also came to make sure that nothing was hurt. Safety must be guaranteed for everyone at the match event.

From outside to the swimming hall

The situation center of the Eastern Finland Police confirmed that the fans removed from the match moved from the ice rink to the Kuntolaakso swimming hall.

– They had gone outside to the cafeteria of the swimming hall and stayed there to hang out, the police clarified.

The police intervened.

– They’ve been stuck there drunkenly snoring. It’s not a very suitable place, when the customers of the swimming hall at that time could have been families with children.

There was no pipe gig. According to the police, the supporters moved to their minibus and left the place.

Kärpät played two consecutive matches in Kuopio. KalPa won on both Friday and Saturday. On Saturday night, the match ended with 2–1 goals for the home team.