Top chef Kari Aihinen swears in the name of entrecôte.

    According to Kari Aihinen, a good steak requires only salt and pepper. Adobe Stock / AOP / Sami Kuusivirta

    If Kari Aihinen should only choose one meat that he would put on the grill to squeak, the choice would be clear.

    – If you go on a cottage trip, then entrecôte is my choice. A good, greasy, greasy entrecôte fits perfectly on the grill, the top chef named HKScan at the media event.

    And in Aihinen’s opinion, good meat requires only two spices.

    – I’m a man of salt and pepper. Salt and pepper are sufficient and put before grilling. I am in that old school relationship. Yes glazet and rubit also work well, but I personally prefer simple when at the cottage.

    Naturally, the meat also needs side dishes.

    – I wouldn’t despise vegetables at all. Grill only full of protein and in addition lots of colorful, beautiful vegetables. Watermelon, cucumber, avocado, various tomatoes, that’s enough.

    Aihinen urges you to prepare the whole meal on the grill.

    – It’s convenient, and no one has to go inside to cook the potatoes.

    If you have grilled food left over from Midsummer, Aihinen suggests making a marinated Vegetable Salad of grilled vegetables the next day. The next day, the potatoes and meat turn into a delicious pan that just needs an egg on top of it.

    Kari Aihinen shows how to grill Kassler.