Most of the commenters expressed their amusement.

    Kalle Rovanperä published a harsh video on social media, which has divided the opinions of the young rally champion’s followers.

    22-year-old Rovanperä published a video on Instagram in which a woman apparently uses a device used to stretch her legs. In the video, the device is called a “leg spreader”.

    After this, a pink Toyota Chaser appears in the video, which moves in the side slide familiar from drifting. In the video, they joke that the car also acts as a “leg spreader” for women.

    The video gathered around 9,000 likes in three hours. Several dozen Followers expressed their amusement.

    A couple of commenters weren’t laughing.

    – Your mother must be proud of you when you publish this old joke, one of Rovanperä’s followers wrote in English.

    Based on social media updates, Rovanperä is currently in Japan. The Finn shares content on Instagram with around 229,000 followers.

    Recently, Rovanperä has published a lot of content related to drifting. The Finn has also competed in the sport.

    In the rally, Rovanperä has chosen race number 69 for himself.

    Kalle Rovanperä is a car guy. Vesa Pöppönen/AOP