Denise Betsema participated in the CAPS Urban Cross in Kortrijk, Belgium, on Saturday afternoon. That was the second race of the Trophy cyclo-cross. The cyclocross rider from Texel finished third, but took over the lead in the general classification from Fem van Empel. Marianne Vos came first in Kortrijk.

    Betsema had a bad start to the race and, together with Ceylin del Carmen Alvaro, was in a group behind the front runners Lucinda Brand and Vos. In the second round, the Texelse increased the pace and connected again. The remaining part brought little change. Betsema cycled in front and had Vos on her wheel. During the final round, the cyclocross rider from Oudeschild was overtaken by Vos and Alvarado, so that she finished third.

    Fem van Empel, who was at the top prior to the cross, was absent in Kortrijk. The World Cup competition in Hulst was held tomorrow. Betsema has a lead of four minutes on Van Empel. The next cross in the Trophy cyclocross will be held on New Year’s Day in Baal, Belgium.