The coach studies the alternatives for the debut in the league against Sassuolo. For Fagioli a one-step renewal, Rovella remains for now but can go on loan at the end of the market

    Massimiliano Allegri in the post-match of Villar Perosa was very clear: “Pogba’s injury has left us on foot, the club is vigilant on the transfer market and the squad must be completed by 31 August”. Then adding to a specific question about Paredes: “We have Locatelli, we have Rovella, we have good players and I’m happy with that”. The truth, as always, lies in the middle: the Juventus coach is waiting for reinforcements from the last summer shopping tour, in particular a director who had already been budgeted before the Octopus knee made crack, but he also knows that for the first day of the championship, which are now less than 10 days away, may not arrive. Thus the sure absence of the new number 10 against Sassuolo, when Juventus will debut at the Allianz Stadium on the evening of August 15th, can become an opportunity to launch one of the two young people who are also playing for the place for their stay in Juventus: Nicolò Fagioli and Nicolò Rovella, same name, same year of birth (2001), same role (midfielder), same desire to show that they are ready for the Lady.

    The difference is that Fagioli has already been in Juventus before ending up on loan at the Cremonese, where he did very well, contributing decisively to the promotion to Serie A, while Rovella is an absolute new entry, bought in January 2021 and left on loan. to Genoa. The American tour was an opportunity for both to showcase themselves. Allegri tested them in the three matches played with Chivas, Barcelona and Real Madrid and received positive responses from both of them. Ditto Thursday in the family friendly, when they took turns on the pitch, providing useful information for the first official test of the season.

    Max against the Under 23s started with the same midfield as Real-Juve, that is Locatelli in the control room, Zakaria on the right and Fagioli on the left, on the turf that Pogba should have trampled on. This could be the set-up of the anti-Sassuolo midfielder, with the boy who grew up in the Juventus youth teams who, last season, put together 33 appearances (and 3 goals) in Serie B in advantage over the homonymous teammate and departmental mate. Plan B, tried at the end of the first half (in anticipation of the usual invasion of the field by the fans at the beginning of the second half, which arrived on time) provides for Rovella play with Locatelli moved to the left. Also in this case a solution already seen in America. Allegri will have one last match available to experiment, the match against Atletico tomorrow night in Tel Aviv, and then a few more days to evaluate the two guys in training and decide which set-up convinces him the most. In addition to the starting position against Sassuolo, the stay in Juventus for the whole season is also at stake. Both have requests from different teams but both have been blocked for the moment, waiting to see if anyone else in midfield will arrive. It is difficult, in the event of Paredes’ landing, that there is room for everyone, also considering Miretti (who missed the tour due to holidays due to summer commitments with the Under 21 team).

    Also in this case Fagioli seems a step forward: the negotiation for the renewal (expiration 2023) of the contract has now reached a turning point, on Thursday his agent met the Juventus management and the agreement for the extension until 2026 by now is one step away. The parties will meet again next week for the latest details. Decisive was the will of the midfielder, who knows he is esteemed by Allegri and is convinced that he can carve out his own space. For Rovella, Salernitana, Monza and Cremonese (who had also tried Fagioli) have already come forward. For now it does not move, in the last days of the market we will see.