“The team must become dominant again – says the former striker now TV commentator – but to enter the top he must make a qualitative leap, become from ‘dragged’ to driver. And learn not to suffer from the competition”

    “Vlahovic is paying for Juve’s negative moment. He’s in trouble, like the whole team. Plus, he’s struggling to play with Milik: they have more or less the same characteristics, and when they play together the Pole scores and he doesn’t. he represents a problem “: the opinion is signed by Luca Toni, 2006 world champion, 47 goals in blue, as well as Golden Boot in 2006 and” Number One “at Bayern, according to the investiture of Matthias Matze Knop, TV presenter German, who dedicated the song to him, which also became a hit in Germany, remaining on the charts for nine weeks.