Juve-Sassuolo, Vlahovic goal and return to Florence: “A match like any other”

The Juve striker: “We’re here to play football, I’m only thinking about winning, other things don’t interest me.”

Team spirit: Dusan Vlahovic is already so inserted in Juve’s locker room that he wants to take everyone for a ride in “his” Florence, for the semi-final of the Italian Cup that will live at the Franchi in the first leg at the beginning of March, in all likelihood on the 2nd . Ruan Tressoldi goes on the scoreboard, with that decisive detour, but Vlahovic pays for a ticket for a day on the banks of the Arno: even more than with the goal, with that stubborn one-on-one action on the left in which the In the end he was right by Muldur, he ate the portion of the field that separated him from the door and fired his right. Then luck helps the daring, at least as much as he had turned his back on it for a few minutes, with a couple of goalposts and a miraculous Pegolo to deny Juve qualification for the semifinal until then. “Until the end” was one of Vlahovic’s first Juventus phrases, and in the second match he already savors the effect he has.

Like the others

“I only think about the game, about winning: other things don’t interest me so much – the Serbian has already tried to think about his return to Florence, warmly to Mediaset’s microphones -. It will be a match like any other, we’re here to play football, so I don’t see the problem “. The great profit with the passage in the second half to 4-3-3 together with Morata and Dybala tells about Vlahovic’s feeling with his new teammates: “Both on and off the pitch – he replies – because first of all they are two very good guys, then great players and champions who have won a lot, I’m younger and I’m here to listen to them and try to reach their levels “. The eyes say that it is not just words but the genuine desire to start this new life on the right foot. “No, it still takes time, we are only at the beginning, I owe a lot to my teammates, to the coach, to the whole club, who have welcomed me very well, they are helping me a lot. It would not have been possible without the team. For me It is an honor to play here, to help my teammates and to be available to the team. “


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