Juve, Ferrero: “We’ll go back to winning like we always have”

The Juventus president met the representatives of the fans from all over the world: “It’s a complicated period, but with your help we’ll get off to a great start”

“We’ll go back to winning like we always have.” Juventus president Gianluca Ferrero said this to the presidents of the official clubs who came from all over the world to meet at the OGR in Turin.

“For me it is a real emotion and a pride to be able to welcome you on this day – said the president taking the floor -. They tell me you come from all over the world: you are 120,000 associates, 70 clubs from the United States and another 70 from the rest of the world. There is therefore a huge participation, proving that Juventus is an Italian, European and world club. This is our strength.”


On the delicate moment of the club on and off the pitch. “You are our strength, with your closeness, with the warmth that arrived here today – said Ferrero -. Needless to hide it, we are going through a complicated period right now. But your closeness and that of all the fans make the strength of this team feel. We are all doing our duty at this stage, you as the fans, the team on the pitch with a winning streak. The ideas that will come out of this day can help us in the future for our actions, you can help us. It is very nice that after so many years we have managed to organize this event again”.


Allianz Stadium sold out today, on the occasion of Juventus-Hellas Verona, when the championship resumes after the break for national team commitments. “We will all watch the match together tonight – concluded the Juventus president -. Let’s remember that Juve is a great team, the history of Juve is centenary. Juve have won everything there was to win, they are national and international champions. Juve are strong, in the recent past they have scored a series of extraordinary victories. Let’s start again, we’ll be back to winning like we always have. Go Juve”.