Juve capital gains, Mandragora questioned: the operation with Udinese

The Turin prosecutor heard the midfielder, now in Fiorentina, the father and the vice president of the Friulian Campoccia: not investigated, they were heard as people informed about the facts

The Turin public prosecutor’s office has investigated the interweaving of the market involving Juventus and Udinese for the transfers of Rolando Mandragora, as part of the Prisma investigation. Yesterday the midfielder (last summer sold to Fiorentina outright), his father (who at the time acted as his agent) and the vice president of Udinese Stefano Campoccia were called to give their version: none of them are entered in the list of suspects, were only heard as people informed about the facts.

The point

The investigation against Juve and its former managers is closed: these are supplementary disputes that the prosecutors can carry out between the request for indictment and the preliminary hearing, set for next 27 March. The magistrates Marco Gianoglio, Mario Bendoni and Ciro Santoriello would like to clarify any background related to an email (dated 10 July 2020) in which reference was made to “30 million plus agents” to calculate debts to other clubs. In the case of Mandragora, Udinese had bought the player in 2018 for 20 million, but Juve (which had made a capital gain of 13 million and 700 thousand euros from the transfer) had reserved for themselves the right to “buy back”: in that period it was a promise also in national quota. The midfielder recovered from a bad injury on 23 June 2020, Juve decides to maintain control in any case by buying him back (on 3 October) thanks to the option previously set for 10 million plus bonuses, transferring him back to the Friulian club on loan.

The suspect

The right to “buy back”, now no longer usable in Italy unlike in that period, allows the capital gain to be entered in the balance sheet. But the Public Prosecutor’s Office would like to understand if at the basis of it was a disguised obligation in the acquisition of the player through a partnership between the clubs.