Jumbo will stop sponsoring motorsport. The supermarket group also critically examines motorsport sponsorship activities.

    The sponsorship of motorsport by Jumbo came into negative light last year due to an investigation by the Public Prosecution Service into Jumbo boss Frits van Eerd. He was arrested in September because he is a suspect in a money laundering case. The OM previously said that the money laundering would have taken place through, among other things, real estate transactions, car trade and sponsorship in motocross.

    The main suspect in the case is Theo E. from Gasteren. He is seen as the spider in the web in the money laundering case. E. is a former racing driver and well-known figure in motorsport.

    The supermarket chain is not yet planning to stop sponsoring Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen. A Jumbo spokesperson confirmed this after reporting by the AD.

    Jumbo is very active in the sports world as a sponsor, with Verstappen as the two-time world champion in Formula 1 as a sign. Jumbo also sponsors a combined skating and cycling team (Jumbo-Visma), motocross rider Jeffrey Herlings, various motor sports teams, football clubs and billiards tournaments.

    Ton van Veen, who temporarily manages the company, emphasized earlier in the day that the OM’s investigation does not focus on Jumbo itself. The company nevertheless commissioned an independent investigation into the sponsorship activities. This investigation has now been completed and, according to Jumbo, no criminal offenses or irregularities within the group have emerged.

    It is not clear what Jumbo’s decision to say goodbye to motorsport means for athletes who have been supported until now. Jumbo’s spokesperson did not want to provide any additional explanation when asked. She also could not say why Jumbo is turning its back on this sport.