Jumbo CEO Frits van Eerd, who was arrested and interrogated on Tuesday in connection with a major money laundering investigation, will be detained for another three days. It reports that Prosecution Friday. Together with a 57-year-old woman from Gasteren, Van Eerd is still being interrogated by the FIOD and the police. The other five suspects have been released, but remain under investigation.

    The main suspect, 58-year-old Theo E. from Gasteren in Drenthe, will remain in custody for another two weeks. He is suspected of involvement in various money laundering schemes through real estate transactions, car trading, unexplained cash deposits and sponsorship contracts in the motocross sport. He is also suspected of fraud in the car trade.

    The Public Prosecution Service’s investigation is aimed at VAT fraud in the car trade and the laundering of large amounts of money through, among other things, sponsorship contracts in motocross sport and the car trade. Van Eerd is a car collector and lover of Formula 1 and motorsport. Main suspect Theo E. (58) is an acquaintance of Van Eerd from the cross world.

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