José Luis Cabezas: the tribute in General Madariaga 26 years after his murder

26 years after the murder of Jose Luis Cabezas a tribute was made in the springs cellar of General Madariaga. On this occasion, the organizers of the event invited three leaders of different religions to share a reflection. “My mother would be proud. She always asked that there be a mass or a prayer in this place, something that brings God closer,” she said. Gladys Cabezassister of the NOTICIAS photojournalist.

The religious leaders who contributed their words were Marwan Sarwar Gillpresident of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Argentina; Luis Albarracin, pastor and representative of evangelical churches; Y Marcelo Panebianco, parish priest of General Madariaga. The same ones who participated in the act for the third anniversary of the murder of Fernando Baez Sosawhich was held on January 18 in Dolores.

the quartermaster Stephen Santoro He could not be present since he is on vacation, but the interim mayor went instead Mark Jovanovic: “Argentine society was marked by this episode, but for Madagarians that mark is even greater. We can all say precisely what we were doing when we found out what had happened,” he said.

Alejandro Vecchithe family lawyer headshighlighted the struggle of Gladys and of their parents. In addition, he highlighted that the cellar has been preserved as a historical site. “When an attempt was made to cover this space with a development project, we moved and Madariaga issued a resolution to declare this site a historical place,” she assured.

The last to speak was Gladys. The sister of Jose Luis Cabezas He took up the proposal that he had said in the act that took place in the morning in Pinamar about Justice. Twenty-six years after the murder, the woman assured that she will continue working “looking at the future” and harshly questioned the judicial system: “Here, killing is free. You study in prison and they give you a lawyer’s license and you practice, as you do pregnantWe have to fight for the needs of others. That is the resilience that the relatives of the victims have,” he said.

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