Johan Derksen thinks Leo Blokhuis is one backstabber because he continues the recordings of the Top 2000 programs without Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. “As colleagues you should show solidarity.”

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    Matthijs van Nieuwkerk withdrew from the programs around the Top 2000 last month, during the recordings, because he was exposed as a broadcast executioner. The NTR has now decided to throw away the recordings with Matthijs and to re-record the broadcasts with Herman van der Zandt as a ‘temporary’ replacement.

    Calt down

    That sidekick Leo Blokhuis has agreed to this, Johan finds it a bit bitter. He thinks the ‘pop professor’ is one backstabber. “That was a very nice program for the holidays. Matthijs did that very well and there have been no complaints yet, so he probably hasn’t scolded anyone, but that sidekick…”

    “What’s that boy’s name? Leo Blokhuis. He has it, and Blokhuis has gained national fame thanks to Matthijs. And now Matthijs calmed down and now that Blokhuis is going to do it with someone else and he should not have done that, but yes, for him that is of course the highlight of the year, then he is in the picture every day with his pictures.

    In consultation?

    Johan thinks Leo is a good music connoisseur, but he is disappointed. “Yes, absolutely, and he always does it nicely, but if you do it with the two of you… Because he is actually accusing Matthijs a bit now, I think, like: yes, he has himself to blame for that. He doesn’t say that, he doesn’t say that, ‘but I’ll just stand there’. He shouldn’t have done that.”

    Colleague Wilfred Genee: “Wouldn’t he have done it in consultation with Matthijs? That he briefly asked: ‘What do you think?’”

    Not solidarity

    Johan states that it is impossible for Matthijs to deny Leo this production. “Yes, but if he asks Matthijs, Matthijs says: ‘Joh, stand there.’”

    It’s just not solidarity, Johan concludes. “You are solidarity or you are not. I don’t think it has anything to do with friendship. As colleagues, you show solidarity at a certain point if something happens.”