Johan Derksen does not seem to feel the need to take Roos Schlikker back as a regular table guest in Today Inside. “She really wants to be good,” said the football analyst.

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    The regular guests of Today Inside were put under considerable pressure during the candle riot at the end of April to speak out against Johan Derksen. It had an effect on Roos Schlikker; she was the first to walk away. “Hey Cornald. Canceled cooperation early this morning,” she tweeted quickly. Cornald Maas to that: “🥰 !!”

    ‘She wants to be good’

    Just three months later, Roos openly applied for a return to the program. After all, she has been relegated to talk show guest of HLF8 and that is a bit less prestigious.

    Bad news for Roos: Johan no longer needs her. “Roos Schlikker dropped out when I lit my candle story. For the stage eh, because Roos also wants to be good. When the riot had subsided, she announced on such a podcast that she wanted to sit down again,” he says in the Subway. And he doesn’t seem to mind that much.

    No sinecure

    It is a pity, because VI is short of female table guests. “Sitting with us is no sinecure anyway. We wanted to have ladies there, because we have a rather misogynistic image. But dragging ladies in forcibly is not a success either. One wants to act even crazier than we already are and then they go crazy, don’t they?”

    Who does like it? “I think Heleen van Royen is especially beautiful and second only to me. And those other ladies? Yes, God, what’s their name again… We once had a woman who was in such a women’s program led by Merel Westrik. Very nice, but very annoying.”

    Screaming Stella

    Johan is referring here to Stella Bergsma. “He sat at the table twice and then spent an hour shouting everywhere in between. She then interviewed me once for an unknown magazine. Her recording device didn’t work.”

    And then? “She then reassured me with the legendary words: ‘Ah dude, I’ll think of what I let you say…’ When you’ve been in journalism for 39 years, those are strange comments.”

    Farewell tweet

    The tweet with which Roos said goodbye to VI earlier this year: