Joeri Gosens made designs for Formula 1 on their social media, among other things.

    Joeri Gosens (25) from Tilburg is making great strides as a creator of creative content for sports clubs and organizations. He is now one of the top Europeans. Among other things, he was allowed to design the season ticket for his favorite Willem II. Images and videos he shoots for Liverpool, Manchester City and Formula 1 are viewed millions of times on social media worldwide.

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    if creative content designer Joeri Gosens mainly makes slick images and short videos that he provides with all kinds of effects. The largest football clubs, TV channels and even Formula 1 use the designs of the Tilburger on Facebook and Instagram, among others. In this way he reaches millions of people with his work.

    “Designing for Willem II was a dream come true.”

    His most special assignment was to design the Willem II season ticket. “A dream come true. I have been a fan of Willem II all my life.” Only because of corona he never went to a match with his own card. “It has been in my wallet for a year,” says Joeri with a laugh.

    A video about his club card for Willem II:

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    Although he makes images and videos for Liverpool, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Jumbo-Visma and BBC Sport and is very proud of that, designing for Willem II was more personal. “It’s my club after all, there’s more feeling to it.” Joeri also made for Jordens Peters a plaque for his 250th game with the Tricolores.

    “The big brands in particular allow me much more freedom in my designs.”

    Contact with major brands that want a design by Joeri is very informal. “I get a short message through my social media that a club wants to announce a match, for example.” The Tilburger often makes a series of images from which the client can choose.

    A design for Manchester City:

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    He notices that smaller brands in particular have strict guidelines. “The big brands give me much more freedom in my designs. At Manchester City I get the color codes they use and it’s up to me. I think that’s the best projects.”

    “My design was the most liked Formula 1 post ever.”

    For Formula 1, he made a movie poster to announce the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. “That design, with more than 500,000 likes at the time, was the most liked post of Formula 1 ever on social media. That is really incomprehensible.”

    The images and videos that Joeri simply makes from home are used by his clients for announcements, results and congratulations. Practically every social media post requires an image or video. De Tilburger designs them in such a way that they stand out a bit more and therefore reach more people. Because in the end it is the clubs and brands that are there to do.

    “In the beginning I really did it for almost no one.”

    Joeri can now live on that, he has turned his hobby into his profession. “In the beginning I really did it for almost no one.” He had a small group of followers on Twitter who asked what he could design for them. “I got three responses, but in the meantime also more and more followers.”

    Finally, Manchester City messaged him if he could design images for them. “It’s very special that something that started so small has grown so big.”

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