Jesus silent? Mickey Rourke criticizes “Crucifixion” Til Schweiger

Til Schweiger recently drew attention to himself with negative headlines: the 59-year-old is said to have behaved in an abusive and violent manner on the set of his current film “Manta Manta – Zwoter Teil”. In addition, he appeared drunk when he was filming. Now he received support from an unexpected source. Mickey Rourke dedicated an Instagram post to the actor.

“It has come to my attention that my close friend Til Schweiger, who is probably the most talented actor, director and producer, has been crucified in the tabloids,” the “Wrestler” actor wrote in his post.

Rourke understands Schweiger’s urge to grab the bottle, after all, being a “top man” for almost “three decades” involves a lot of pressure and stress, he continued. The 70-year-old has already worked with Schweiger several times and found him to be “very creative and pleasant”. In addition, the former professional boxer is certain that his former colleague will “rise above criticism,” he continued in his statement. “I will stand by you my friend, you will find that it will take a while, but you will make it,” Rourke concluded his prayer.

Friends Til Schweiger and Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke was addicted to alcohol and drugs for a long time. According to his own reports, the actor was even on the verge of suicide. Since he has been going to therapy regularly, he has been on the mend. He blamed his addiction on his stepfather, who severely abused him. According to reports, Til Schweiger has also been struggling with alcoholism for some time. The actor, screenwriter and director has been repeatedly criticized for his behavior in public and on social media in the recent past.

Mickey Rourke and Til Schweiger collaborated on part of the episodic film Berlin, I Love You. Schweiger directed an episode in which Rourke took on a role.