Jeroen Rietbergen prosecuted just like Ali B, blow for Linda de Mol

The knot has been cut: Jeroen Rietbergen is being prosecuted for a sex crime behind the scenes of The Voice of Holland. And that is a big blow for his beloved Linda de Mol.


The Public Prosecution Service has finally made a decision: Ali B will be prosecuted for sexually abusing three women and Jeroen Rietbergen is now officially suspected of raping Nienke Wijnhoven, who previously told her story in the talk show Beau and is assisted by the well-known lawyer Sébas Diekstra.

‘It’s not you’

Nienke is incredibly happy with the OM’s decision. “In response to this prosecution decision, the client expresses that she finally feels that she is being recognized for what happened to her. Recognition because she is really heard as a victim. Her experiences have not been trivialized or distorted,” says Sébas.

He continues: “What happened to her is now also accepted as truth by the Public Prosecution Service. She is grateful for the thorough and honest criminal investigation that has taken place. Wijnhoven hopes that this will encourage others to step forward.”

Nienke herself wants to say to other victims: “It is not you and you are not alone.”

Downer for Linda

For Linda de Mol, Jeroen’s lover, it is an incredible blow. She is just trying again with Jeroen and is therefore maligned by quite a few people. The two have just completed a months-long world trip and were recently caught during a romantic get-together in Paris.

According to the Story, Linda hoped that Jeroen would not be prosecuted. “That would be the opportunity for Linda to no longer have to keep her restart with Jeroen a secret,” the magazine recently wrote.

Hands off

The Story expressed the expectation that Linda would still dump Jeroen if he were to be prosecuted. “For the outside world, she can always maintain with dry eyes that she has assisted him purely as a ‘dear friend’ in recent months to get back on the right path.”

The coming period will show what influence the decision of the OM has on the relationship between Linda and Jeroen, but it seems that the fallen TV queen has already made her choice. Angela de Jong is waiting. “I wonder if Linda will stay with Jeroen,” she says in the AD.

Angela finds it intense. “With Jeroen I am surprised that it is about rape. In all reports and in the communication of lawyer Sébas Diekstra it was about sexual assault. The case is even tougher than I thought. So there will be more evidence against him.”

Mark B .

Finally, Marco Borsato will not be prosecuted for sexual abuse at The Voice. There is still an investigation into the report made against Marco in December 2021. A young woman in her early twenties claims to have been sexually abused by the singer from the age of fifteen.

John van den Heuvel previously indicated that he expects prosecution in this case. “There is a diary of the girl in which certain things are described, there are de-audition witnesses, so friends of hers from that time who have been informed about what happened, there are audio tapes, you name it. So there is evidence.”

Ali’s reaction

Ali responds as follows: