Jere Virtanen wants to give something back to the futs fan community.

    Helsinki Red Room is a 210 square meter private museum where Jere Virtanen has collected over 35,000 Manchester United items.

    However, the opening of the museum is not necessarily even the highlight of Virtanen’s week, because he has organized a program for his guests.

    On Friday, fittingly before the Huuhkajien Nations League game, the United legends will face the star-studded ranks of former national team players on the Bolt Arena’s artificial turf.

    The visiting team is exceptionally the underdog in front of Finland All Stars.

    – Finland has an incredible lineup. United’s boys will no doubt be busy. Let’s see what kind of bus they have to park in front of the goal, Virtanen laughs.

    The museum director himself has not promised to go to the field. In addition, his help would probably be needed more on the side of Manchester, as they will go into the match with only three substitutes.

    – Of course, I have made myself a jersey, but it seems to be mainly for the players.

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    Jere Virtanen’s Manchester United museum has more than 35,000 objects. Jussi Eskola

    Helsinki Red Room’s theme week also includes the Tahto cultural centre’s United exhibition, a golf tournament organized for players and a gala dinner.

    – This week is really intense when you have to host from morning to night. When chronic fatigue from a small child is added to it, the emotional scale will surely be huge when the museum is finally signed open.

    – Me, the players and my skid: there are quite big emotions. Let’s go with them.

    Just the beginning

    Virtanen speaks fluently about the communal nature of fan culture. And he has a big role in that.

    – This is the beginning of a way in which I give something to this community. These event weekends are coming at least in the next two years. Let’s build an experience so great that United players will be fighting over who gets here.

    Already now, in addition to ex-players, about a hundred United supporters from different parts of the world are coming to Helsinki.

    – 16 people will come here from the Malta supporters’ association alone. It’s absurd.

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    United Legends: Wes Brown, Danny Simpson, Lee Martin, Ben Thorney, David May, Danny Webber, Chris Eagles, Keith Gillespie, Chris Casper, Lee Roche, Russel Breadsmore, Luke Chadwick, Nick Culkin, Joe Thompson (manager Bryan Robson)

    Finland All-Stars: Mikael Forssell, Aki Riihilahti, Shefki Kuqi, Alexei Eremenko, Teemu Tainio, Mika Väyrynen, Jonatan Johansson, Juha Reini, Petri Helin, Harri Ylönen, Jussi Nuorela, Jarkko Wiss, Janne Lindberg, Antti Pohja, Kari Arkivuo, Toni Kuivasto, Markus Halsti, Mika Ojala, Toni Kallio, Paulus Roiha, Miikka Multaharju, Tommi Grönlund, Tommi Paavola, Pekka Lagerblom, Jarno Parikka, Mika Kottila (manager Keith Armstrong)

    Virtanen now wants to repay the fan community for the emotional capital he himself has enjoyed over the years.

    – There are two things: Manchester United, owned by the Glazer family, and then this one, which no one can own. That pack, which includes old players and fans, lives somewhere outside of official United.

    – And it’s happening now in Helsinki.

    United Legends–Finland All Stars will be played at Bolt Arena on Friday 23 September. at 18:00

    Virtanen presented the treasures of the Helsinki Red Room to Iltalehte before the opening of the museum. Jussi Eskola