Emotions ran high at Bundesliga club Wolfsburg’s cup game in Jena. There should have been clashes between players and fans.

    Incidents apparently occurred during the DFB Cup match between FC Carl Zeiss Jena and Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg. Among other things, the “Bild” newspaper reported that after the 1-0 win of Lower Saxony there was a scuffle between VfL players and Jena supporters.

    According to a report, Jakub Kaminski, Kevin Paredes and substitute goalkeeper Pavao Pervan, who “clashed” with home fans on the way from the dressing room to the team bus, are said to have been specifically involved. There had been “wild discussions”.

    The “Kicker” also names the three players in this context, but also writes about Bartol Franjic and Bartosz Bialek. The sports magazine also reports on “Schubserein”.

    Pervan’s Deployment

    As evidence, “Bild” cites a private video in which some men talk to VfL player Paredes and he walks backwards down a few steps. Then Pervan steps in and keeps one of the protagonists at a distance with his left hand.

    The newspaper also writes that VfL professionals in the catacombs were escorted by club employees into the VIP room of the traditional Ernst Abbe sports field because some fans could not “restrain themselves”.

    The German Press Agency, meanwhile, only reports of “fighting”. According to dpa, it was initially unclear whether supporters of the Thuringian regional league and some VfL players were actually involved.