Jef Elbers (74) puts Lidl Knokke-Heist upside down by taking action against French advertising

    Jef Elbers grew up in Brussels and has lived in Knokke-Heist for almost thirty years. He also briefly served as chairman of the local Vlaams Belang branch. Elbers has been campaigning against the Frenchification of the coastal community for several years now.

    On Friday he campaigned in the Lidl of Knokke-Heist. He spoke to the shoppers at the cash register. “I am taking this action because I have informed Lidl three times that they are not allowed to put French advertisements. They don’t understand, so I’m doing this.” Employees asked him to leave the store, which he refused. The Knokke-Heist police arrived on the scene and drew up an official report.

    Watch the striking incident in the video above.