09/14/2022 at 14:50


    The founder of the group to which this newspaper belongs was born in the Aragonese capital in 1950 | His business merits and his work in favor of journalism throughout Spain are recognized with this distinction.

    Javier Moll, President of Prensa Ibérica, the group to which this newspaper belongs, was honored this Wednesday with the gold medal of Saragossa in recognition of his work as an entrepreneur and editorbeing the founder of one of the publishing companies with more presence and diffusion in Spain.

    The medal will be delivered on October 8 in a solemn act that takes place just before the proclamation that will start the Fiestas del Pilar. In addition to the Gold Medal to Javier Moll, the distinctions of favorite sons of the city will also be awarded to Nacho Royo, Santiago Auserón, The Academy of Arts, Folklore and the Jota de Aragón, Aragonese Federation of Athletics, Ixo Rai and as adopted son to Antón Castro.

    Born in Saragossa on May 8, 1950, Javier Moll de Miguel is a Spanish businessman and publisher founder and president of the editorial group Prensa Ibérica. Son of Sebastián Moll Carbó and María del Carmen de Miguel Mayoral, he has a degree in Law and began his professional career in banking entities.

    In 1978 he began his career as a journalistic entrepreneur with the acquisition of Editorial Prensa Canariato which they belonged The province Y Journal of Las Palmas. The foundation of Iberian Press as a family group of regional companies dates back to 1984, the year in which the company acquired The New Spain from Asturias, Raise-EMV of Valencia and Information from Alicante.

    Two years later, the group added to its media network Lighthouse of Vigo and continued its intense process of expansion in Spain. Prensa Ibérica, which will soon celebrate 45 years of history, became, after the acquisition of the Zeta Group in 2019, in the leading group of regional and local press in Spain by adding 25 print and digital newspapers in twelve autonomous communities and various magazines.

    The Aragonese publisher joined its media network in 2019 The Newspaper of Aragon, a modern and urban newspaper based in Zaragoza that is an informative benchmark in the autonomous community. It was the first header to introduce color in the Aragonese press and also a pioneer in having a web page. In this way, Moll achieved one of his goals which was to have a newspaper in his hometown.

    In the last three years, the newspaper has accelerated its digital transformation, has launched a new web design and has expanded and enriched its content offer at the service of Aragonese citizens. With a great social presence, the Prensa Ibérica newspaper stimulates the cultural activity of the region and enjoys the respect of the Aragonese, who appreciate the rigor and credibility with which it reports.

    In 2021, Moll released The Newspaper of Spain, the first national newspaper in the history of the communication group. The group’s headers add up to almost two million daily paper readers and some 230,000 copies, and it is the leader in audience and circulation in various autonomous communities, with a solid position in digital media. On the Internet, the group’s newspapers exceed 27 million unique users and 600 million page views per month.

    Javier Moll is married to Arantza Sarasola, Vice President of Prensa Ibérica, and has five children and ten grandchildren.