In May of this year, the alliance was announced between the deputy for La Libertad Avanza, Javier Mileiand the Santa Fe Joseph Bonacciparty seal owner unite. The fact was even confirmed by the influencer Carlos Maslatonone of the men closest to Milei until her recent break with her space.

    Beyond some misgivings caused by the incorporation of Bonacci to the liberal army (the Santa Fe was close to the pro-Nazi politician Alexander Biondini and militated in the 90s in the MODIN of carapintada Aldo Rico), the decision was received with triumphant enthusiasm by several of the figures close to the economist. That is why it is strange that in August Milei presented an opposition to Bonacci arguing that he had wanted to appropriate not only the name “Freedom Advances”but also of the already famous mileista logos: the golden lion, the silhouette of its characteristic mane, and the symbol of the flying bird.

    According to Bonacci, the idea of ​​registering the confederation at first “was agreed” with Milei and the rest of the party. “There was an agreement, but they changed their minds. They are decision-making processes that are difficult to explain,” Bonacci said. Sources close to Milei clarified that what happened between him and Bonacci is a problem. “already solved” and that it refers only to Santa Fe and not to the issue of national armed forces, in addition to making it clear that the interdict did not affect the relationship at all.

    But the way that Miley attacks Bonacci andn his writing is at least curious, and even ironic. Especially taking into account that, if it is about the appropriation of the intellectual activity of others, in May of this year NOTICIAS discovered the plagiarism that the libertarian referent himself made of various works for his book “Pandenomics.”

    The plot

    Last year, Joseph Bonacci -former councilman of Rosario between 2001 and 2005, owner of remises and holder of a radio – He discovered an opportunity in the rise of Milei as a political figure and especially in his projection for 2023. That is why, just as in 2019 he sponsored the candidacy of the liberal José Luis Espert, this time he decided to accompany Milei. But everything seemed to falter when, according to the opposition file, Bonacci wanted to register the name of “Confederation Advance Freedom”, which would be made up of Unite and the Partido del Campo Popular. Although Bonacci’s collaboration with Milei had been confirmed, in the file it can be read that the libertarian’s main argument to oppose the construction of this assembly is that “to date there is no political agreement” neither with Bonacci nor with the two parties in question.

    The other argument that Milei advances is that of Bonacci’s appropriation of the name and logos of La Libertad Avanza. In the text, Milei says that both the name and the logos are “a creation inseparably related to his figure”, and that they are “identified with his person”, that they are “prior to the request” of Bonacci, and even questions that ” no creative activity is perceived” by the Santa Fe native, declaring that the logos presented by him they are a “servile copy”. “It cannot be ignored at this point that he turned out to be the owner of a de facto trademark that deserves legal protection, which I obtained through several years of peaceful public exposure”, Milei sentences in the letter, and concludes by saying that Bonacci has not acted “in good faith”.

    Earlier this year NOTICIAS discovered that Javier Milei’s book “Pandenomics” was full of quotes from other research, without proper citation.


    Bonacci himself told this medium that on the Monday following the hearing held to deal with this opposition, he and Milei they reconciled. “We spoke the Monday following that hearing. For an hour and a half, in a car between the LN+ exit and his house, I took him. We ended up hugging. I told him ‘you know I’m not going to do anything against you’. He told me ‘yes, I know, José, let’s keep meeting’. I didn’t break up with Milei,” says Bonacci.

    However, the name problem for the libertarian party is far from over. In several provinces, such as Entre Ríos, Catamarca, Misiones and Salta, there were people who registered the ownership of the name “La Libertad Avanza”, triggering various oppositions between the interested parties. According to Bonacci, in the space they have reached the conclusion that perhaps next year, facing the elections, they will have to change their identity. “We are not even able to handle our own name”, he lamented.

    broken relationship

    In private, Joseph Louis Espert, the economist who introduced Milei to politics, maintains that his former ally has well earned his reputation as a copycat. When asked by a group of journalists about the plagiarism allegations facing the wild-haired libertarian, Espert shrugged. “Your new party, what is it called? Freedom Advances… And my front that I had formed before? Libertad advances… What else can I tell you? The laughter of his interlocutors closed the informal chat.

    Last May, NEWS discovered that Milei’s book, “pandenomics”, was full of verbatim quotes from other articles and research, without the proper quotation marks or the citation of its author. the mexican physicist Salvador Uribarri He was one of the victims, and he has already filed a complaint against Milei in his native country. Also Antonio Guirao Pineraa Spanish physicist, was plagiarized by the libertarian deputy in his book, as well as the IMF economist, Gita Gopinath.

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