News reporter Jaakko Loikkanen and ex-hockey player Siim Liiiik collected the best points of the season.

    Without delivery Jaakko Loikkanen performance in the Dancing with the Stars program received incense from the jury on Sunday evening. Loikkanen and his dance teacher Ansku Bergström performed a speedy quickstep.

    Jaakko Loikkanen and Ansku Bergström got a huge score in TTK. Atte Kajova

    Jukka Haapalainen liked the show and the couple’s skills.

    – So this was a really great dance. This was your best.

    According to Helena Ahti-Hallberg, the performance was the star moment of the evening.

    – You had a great dance position and wonderful rhythm changes and high-quality basic movement. There was fun, jokes, great choreography crowned the whole thing.

    Jorma Uotinen also agreed with the warm praise.

    – Incredibly good!

    The pair received a whopping 27 points from the judges, which is a season record.

    In the couple’s performance, there was an adventure in the news broadcast. Atte Kajova

    A wild rise

    However, Loikkanen was not the only one who succeeded on the dance floor tonight. Ex-hockey player Siim Liivik made a spectacular return to the dance floor. The pair scored 9 points last week.

    On Sunday evening, Liivik surprised everyone and gathered a dance teacher Katri Mäkinen with 27 points.

    – Every now and then it happens that the whole is so impressive that the technical details of the dance remain completely sideshows. It was wonderful, Helena Ahti-Hallberg praised.

    Siim Liivik performed a hot pole. Atte Kajova

    – There was a lot of trouble here! Jorma Uotinen shot.

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