Money LappersEveryone makes a mistake with small or sometimes large financial consequences. In this series tell people about their monetary misstep. This week Iwan Zwemer (35), who was 1000 euros more expensive because he wanted to fly over Schiphol.

    What happened?
    ,,A few months ago I booked a holiday to Turkey, we fly to Antalya. Since my wife and I are flying with our daughters aged 3 and 5, I deliberately opted for an afternoon flight there and back. It is a package holiday, where I could choose between flying from Düsseldorf or Schiphol. Via Germany it would be about 1000 euros cheaper, but because we travel with small children and live near Amsterdam, I wanted to go via Schiphol.”

    But that saves a lot of money.
    “It’s a holiday after all, this was affordable for me and the most practical and relaxed.”

    And then?
    “A week and a half after booking, I received an email that our flight had been changed. We now fly out from Düsseldorf and back over Rotterdam. And we don’t fly during the day, but in the evening at half past eight. So we also have half a day less because we only arrive at night.”

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    Have you called to see if you can get your money back?
    ,,I tried to reach the tour company, but making contact is a big drama. I’ve been put on hold three times and they just hung up. Then I got the tip to send an e-mail, because it would be the fastest via such a contact form. I was supposed to get a response within five working days and I’ve been waiting for it for three weeks now. I already had the airline tickets, but I was still waiting for my travel documents, five days before departure.”

    Do you think you will ever be compensated again?
    ,,We travel with friends and they had contact with the organization. They were told that you cannot hire a taxi or overnight stay or a bus, but that train tickets to Düsseldorf will be reimbursed. So we’re going to keep those in the hope that they can be declared. The stupid thing is that it makes no sense to go to Düsseldorf by car, because we fly back over Rotterdam and then my car will be in Germany.”


    There are probably people who cannot easily advance 300 euros for a train ticket because they suddenly fly from Düsseldorf

    Are you still looking forward to the holiday?
    “I understand that things like this happen. When you travel, changes can happen. But I think it’s stupid that it’s so difficult for us to get in touch with that organization. And I’m lucky that I don’t have to turn over every euro. There are probably people who cannot easily advance 300 euros for a train ticket because they suddenly have to fly from Düsseldorf.”

    How do you get rid of your frustration on vacation?
    “I’ve already resigned myself to it. I’m done with it and just want to go on vacation. Enjoying with my wife, children and my friends, doing nothing, lying on the beach and by the pool, and good food and drinks. Having a good time together is the most important thing. I can always work on it later.”

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