Together you are stronger than alone! We would like to put the best Zoetermeer brothers and sisters in the spotlight as part of National Brother and Sister Day on Friday 30 September. Which toppers should not be missing from our list? You can say it.

    Is your sister always there for you with good advice? Does your brother sing along on your birthday or do you have a twin sister with whom you share everything? Send us a picture of you together to [email protected] and let us know why you are so happy with him/her, then we will make a list of proud brothers and sisters who deserve to be in the spotlight!

    National Brother and Sister Day

    Did you know that Giel Beelen created this day in 2013 after the death of his sister? Since then, this beautiful initiative has been held every year on September 30th. Give each other an extra big hug on this day, toast to life and think about all the beautiful things you have experienced.