Ito is allowed to start at the ski flying premiere despite being disqualified

After a long back and forth, the Japanese Yuki Ito is allowed to take part in the first women’s ski flying event in history.

The 28-year-old was disqualified on Wednesday in Lillehammer due to carelessness and actually lost her starting place for Vikersund.

However, numerous competitors and trainers successfully campaigned for a start of Itos.

“The decision has been made: Yuki Ito will take part in the Raw Air finals,” said the world association FIS in the evening. The two-time World Cup runner-up was disqualified because she had detached herself from the beam a fraction of a second too late – the ten-second green phase had just expired.

Ski jumper Althaus campaigned for Ito

As a result, Ito dropped from sixth to 20th overall in the Raw Air, but according to the FIS only the top 15 are allowed to fly in Vikersund.

Led by Katharina Althaus, numerous jumpers then demanded a “pardon” for the Japanese.

“Let Yuki Fly,” Althaus wrote on Instagram, many colleagues shared their post and were heard. The first training session on the world’s largest ski jump is scheduled for Friday at 10:00 a.m. – with Yuki Ito.