RTL 4 denies that Eva Jinek commits viewer cheating. The recent incidents with recalcitrant studio guests are absolutely not staged, according to a spokesman for the channel.

    © RTL

    Eva Jinek has only made the news lately when someone has misbehaved in her studio again. From the nipple wife to the table plasterer and from the Tokkie supporters to yesterday’s Qatar screamers: it doesn’t stop with all those incidents. According to Today Inside star Job Knoester, it was all staged by Jinek.

    Not staged

    RTL 4 now explicitly denies this in a response to it AD. The channel understands the discussions that are going on. “But we do think that these topics should be discussed at the table in a proper manner. Unfortunately, our hospitality has already been abused a number of times and we regret that.”

    The channel: “For the sake of clarity, this is not about statements that have been staged, because we as a program would never participate in that and, for the sake of clarity, we have never done that in the past.”


    What does columnist Jan Dijkgraaf think of this reaction from RTL? “Gel*l. John van den Heuvel was a guest. So there was optimal security,” he tweeted.

    And media journalist Jarco Kriek: “It is one of the two. Or the security of John van den Heuvel is as leaky as a basket. Or this was staged from start to finish to boost Jinek’s disappointing viewing figures. Take your pick!”

    Highest priority

    What does RTL say about that? Isn’t it strange that this can happen when John van den Heuvel is in the studio? “Safety is of course our top priority, although we cannot answer questions about the exact security measures.”

    How will this be handled now? “We will certainly come back to this in tonight’s broadcast.”

    Angela critical

    Angela de Jong is very curious about that. “The makers of Jinek must take measures as quickly as possible to prevent it from happening again. Incidents like this do not help the credibility of the program,” she writes in her AD column.

    She decides: “What’s next? A distraught mother on welfare who stands up to read her household book aloud? Or a streaker for factory farming? The idea alone is almost a reason not to watch tonight.”