An Israeli man was seriously injured when a gunman in the town of Huwara, in the occupied West Bank, opened fire on his car on Sunday. This is reported by the army and the emergency services. The shooter, believed to be a Palestinian, was apprehended after a short chase.

    The Israeli man’s wife, who was also in the car, was taken to hospital in shock. Three children were also in the car, Israeli media report.

    Near the town of Huwara, two Israeli brothers were killed in an attack by a Palestinian terrorist last month. That attack led to violent rioting by Israeli settlers, who set fire to houses, shops and cars. Several Palestinians were injured.

    Far-right Israeli finance minister Bezalel Smotrich, who also oversees controversial settlement policies, demanded that the state “wipe out” Huwara. He later retracted those statements.


    In recent months, the security situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories has escalated. Since the beginning of this year, 86 Palestinians, 13 Israelis and a Ukrainian woman have been killed in violence between Israelis and Palestinians. On Thursday, four Palestinians were killed by Israeli gunfire in Jenin, on Saturday a rocket was fired at Israel from Gaza without causing casualties.

    More violence is feared as Ramadan begins next week.