The official Twitter account of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to a tweet by Kanye West on Monday (November 21). The latter wrote “Shalom” on the same day, followed by a smiling smiley face. West was only allowed back on Twitter on Sunday (November 20) after being previously banned for his anti-Semitic comments.

    Sharing Kanye West’s post, the ministry wrote: “We would very much like to be left out of this story.” As early as October 14, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared: “Anti-Semitism is the longest hatred in history. It goes back thousands of years. We dealt with bigger problems than these stupid things.” Netanyahu spoke to Bill Mayer on the show “real time” about Kanye West’s statement that he would go to Jewish people in “death con 3”. West was referring to the American military term “defcon”, which signals the armed forces’ state of alert and is divided into levels 1 to 5.

    In addition to Kanye West, Donald Trump was also admitted as an active Twitter user again. Both met at Mar-A-Lago, Trump’s Florida home, because Kanye West wanted to suggest that he run together in the next presidential election in the United States. The rapper reported on Wednesday (November 23) on Twitter.