HIFK’s first season in the League has been catastrophically weak.

    KooKoo knocked out HIFK last weekend with numbers 5–1. Matti Raivio / AOP

    The most interesting game of the day

    HIFK, which started the season (once again) as at least the hottest top contender, has started the League weakly – even record-breakingly bad. Three points from the first five matches of the season is HIFK’s weakest balance in 27 years.

    The last time it went as poorly was in the 1995–1996 season, when HIFK had only one draw point at this stage. HIFK has never started its league season so slowly with the three-point calculation method.

    In terms of material, HIFK is in no way worthy of its current jumbo rank. I personally consider it to be a potential medal candidate.

    However, the conclusion is that the current trend of results cannot continue in the club for much longer. Head coach for now Ville Peltonen the position has not been questioned much, but the fact must be that even the icon’s spirit cannot take too many consecutive losses. It is also a fact that it is easier to change a coach at this stage of the season than a team.

    Against Sport, today, in light of the statistics, HIFK has a perfect opportunity to increase their points account, because the last time Punanutut were left with no points in the league against Sport in the 2017-2018 season. After the Sport–HIFK match (4–1) played on October 5, 2017, the balance for the league matches is recorded for HIFK at regular time 11–6–0. The balance of the actual playing times of the ten previous league matches played in Helsinki is 6–3–1 in favor of HIFK.

    In terms of fitness/results, Sport gets to this almost jumbo final from slightly better positions than HIFK, having deservedly beaten KalPa at home 2–1 in their previous match. HIFK’s self-confidence cannot but be negatively affected by the losing streak of four games.

    Of course, it should also be noted about HIFK that, based on the statistics, the team has been extremely unlucky in their matches. In their losses against KooKoo, SaiPa and Ilves, HIFK has won the shots on goal by a total of 79–41 and the expected goals by 6–4 – and lost the matches by a combined goals of 3–9. There are more statistics here, but at least I myself emphasize that HIFK’s mixed style of play does not at least seem to fuel the players’ successes.

    As for the formations, both teams get into tonight’s match with good setups. Among the key players, HIFK only lacks a striker Julius Nättinen and from Sport, respectively Jens Lööke.

    In terms of power relations, HIFK should, or at least should, be the big favorite at home here. Still, in terms of betting, the underdog in these situations almost always tastes better than the (potential) crisis team with its large odds – even now. However, the odds for the people of Vaasa do not stretch until a hint. HIFK–Sport starts at 18:30.

    HIFK’s and Sport’s best scorers


    Ilari Melart 2+1=3

    Iiro Pakarinen 2+1

    Eetu Koivistoinen 1+2=3


    Simon Hjalmarsson 3+3=6

    Axel Holmström 1+4=5

    Sebastian Stålberg 2+0=2

    The best betting tip of the day

    Wednesday’s best long shot can be found on the snooker side of the British Open. Dean YoungJudd Trump-game, of course, there is only one favorite, when the second in the world ranking goes against the 93rd ranked, but in terms of betting, the same phenomenon is repeated here, as quite often in the games of these mega-favorites.

    Trump’s superiority has been carefully exaggerated in the coefficients and lines. For a star player, it’s enough to get to the next round, and the concentration is not necessarily at 100% level. The best of the seven series, almost any professional is capable of taking at least one frame from the top, if the much better player has a slightly looser attitude.

    The Dean Young–Judd Trump encounter smacks of exactly the kind of game where at least one frame slips for the underdog, who is hungry and will certainly be fired up for this game.

    The best payout for Trump not taking the game outright 4-0 is with the over/under betting format. I consider the 1.67 multiplier promised for more than 4.5 frames to be at least a borderline case. Dean Young – Judd Trump is scheduled to start at 3:00 p.m.

    As a hint for early bets, the 1.84 odds of the away team’s Asian lines +0 for Friday’s Hull–Luton match in the Championship are valid. Luton’s 2.62 over 1.5 goals is also a place for a small game.

    Exceptionally, I now only take a half-unit bet on these bets, because the lineups for the match, especially for the home team Hull, are still pretty much shrouded in obscurity. However, it should be noted about Luton’s offer that it is currently almost a tenth higher than the market’s midline, and there is a considerable risk of a multiplier drop here.

    Games of the day: Hull–Luton 2 (coefficient 1.84) and Hull–Luton, Luton over 1.5 goals (coefficient 2.62).

    The total balance of the day’s games for the year: 44/76/107%

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