Our representative Fenerbahce, continuing its way in the UEFA Europa League, will share its trump card with Czechia’s Slovacko team in the 3rd qualifying round. The first leg of the match will be played on August 4 at Kadıköy Ülker Stadium.

    Before the match, Slovacko Technical Director Martin Svedik made a statement. Speaking about the match, Svedik said, “Our opponent Fenerbahce will definitely not be able to eliminate us.” said.

    About the Fenerbahce match, Slovacko’s technical boss said, “Typologically, we still do not have the right striker. That’s why we can transfer. We will play with Fenerbahce. But our opponent Fenerbahce will certainly not be able to eliminate us. We have delivered our squad.”

    Defending the idea that Fenerbahçe will be a different match, Slovacko’s coach said, “It will be a completely different game. Fenerbahçe is a very high quality team. We do not have any fear about the atmosphere. We will eliminate shyness. We do not need to fear anything. We know that we can play with this type of team.” used the phrase.