Adelaide Botty van den Bruele has an interesting family background as the daughter of a baron and a baroness.

    Adelaide, a noblewoman from Sonkajärvi, is chasing the Miss Finland crown. Rosa Bröijer

    2022 Miss Finland finalist Adelaide by Botty van den Bruel, 26, has an interesting background. His father is a baron from Belgium Jacky Botty van den Bruele and his mother, the baroness of Sonkajärvi Seija van den Bruele.

    – I have been to the birth in Sonkajärvi, but we moved back to our home in Florida right after. I went to school there and lived there until I was nine years old, says Adelaide, whom I call Adele.

    The family moved back to Finland in 2005. Adelaide was nine years old at the time.

    – My parents retired and bought an old 19th-century ironman’s mansion in Sonkajärvi.

    The family renovated the old mansion and now Club Herrala offers high-quality accommodation and services for those celebrating their weddings or other anniversaries, for example.

    Adelaide currently lives in Helsinki. Rosa Bröijer

    Down to earth

    Adelaide’s parents still have a home in Florida. His father made his life’s work as a lawyer and his mother worked as a notary and legal assistant.

    Adelaide tells how the life of the nobles has become familiar to her since she was a child, as her family spent a lot of time in the summer with, among others, her godfather, the Count Marc D’Anselmen in the castle.

    – I value my family very much, but yes, me and my siblings were brought up very down-to-earth. Nobility has not been seen in our everyday life, says Adele.

    Adelaide’s family includes four brothers and one sister. Today, the Miss Candidate lives in Helsinki with her partner. He studies theology and runs his own company at the same time.

    – I founded a limited company about a year ago. I have luxury bags The Next Bag second hand shop and also sell online. It’s an ecological movement, and ecology is an important value to me anyway.

    Adelaide competes in the pageant with number one.

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