Kimmo’s valve defect was discovered when her husband took her to the doctor because of snoring.

    Flap surgeries are usually performed as open surgeries. Illustration picture. IL archive

    Kimmon29, snoring controlled Raisa, who sent her husband to the doctor. At the reception, it turned out that it really was something that needed treatment, and not a small one.

    – My other flaps were revealed at the doctor’s, says Kimmo Alive in the 24h serieswhich now returns to the repertoire in reruns.

    – Aortic valve surgery is coming. I guess it will work out. If I don’t make it, I don’t make it.

    Kimmo is operated on at Kuopio University Hospital, where the damaged heart valve is replaced with a synthetic artificial valve made of carbon fiber. It must be done, because left untreated, valvular disease can lead to heart failure.

    Flap operations are usually performed as an open operation. In it, the patient’s heart is stopped, and the heart-lung machine takes care of circulating and oxygenating the patient’s blood.

    Kimmo’s operation is shown in detail in the series. It also shows how Kimmo’s heart is stopped and how it is restarted after everything.

    The Elossa 24h series follows the everyday life of Finnish health care in different locations. Over

    However, the start-up does not succeed the first time, nor the second time. Kimmo’s heart is searching for the right rhythm, but then it goes wild. It also won’t start pumping on its own.

    – Well, you can fuck off, heart surgeon From Annastiina Husso can be reached when several companies do not produce results.

    There is no panic in the operating room, but the atmosphere is serious. It is decided to stop the heart again, because its electrical activity does not start to stabilize. Kimmo’s heart needs a moment of rest.

    After a break, the surgeons’ efforts finally bear fruit, and Kimmo’s heart starts working.

    – The heart found its own rhythm, and the valve seems to fit well, Husso is happy.

    In retrospect, he describes his day as a normal Monday. For Kimmo, it has been something else.

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