In the former ABN AMRO office on Heerbaan in Breda, people over seventy come and go on Monday. The elderly come to the GGD, which is temporarily in the old bank building, for a repeat shot against corona. The elderly are the most vulnerable and are therefore the first to act.

    We can no longer call it a booster shot from the GGD. “This is a repeat shot,” says an employee who has to steer the operation in the right direction. In West Brabant, four injection locations opened on Monday for a new round of injections: in Roosendaal, two in Breda and in Bosschenhoofd, near Seppe airport. The turnout at the Heerbaan in Breda is surprisingly large. 580 people signed up for this Monday alone. They are patiently waiting in line, wearing mouth caps, for their turn.

    A couple says they came when asked because they had received an invitation. “We don’t want to get sick and I want to live to be a hundred,” the man jokes. Another in line is approaching that age nicely: “I am ninety and so far had no corona, I would like to keep it that way.” Another prick in the arm, that is no problem for the elderly in line.

    “I trust science.”

    Another man in line has not yet had a corona: “I trust science,” he says. According to him, the enthusiasm to get a syringe in the arm again is particularly strong among the elderly: “I don’t know any people who don’t go.”

    At the GGD, they expect continued crowds for the repeat shot in the coming weeks. To ensure that it runs smoothly, it is by appointment only for the time being. First it is the turn of the over-seventies, then the over-sixties and at the very end it is the turn of the young people from the age of twenty.