Ikreha: the story of a construction company that started from scratch and established itself in the market

It all started with the need to build a solid future for her two sons: Owen and Emanuel. Jonathan Galinger, founder and president of Ikreha, worked in a company where he did not see that the future was as clear as he expected and it was there that he began the great adventure of starting his own company, the Ikreha construction company. “The first thing I did was find a business ally who trusts 100% in me and in the project. I contacted my cousin Andrés Purat who, without hesitation, joined the new challenge. But we had a problem: there was no money!” recalls Jonathan, who leads the company that builds both in the North and South areas of Greater Buenos Aires.

– How did you manage to overcome this real and concrete inconvenience?

This is where the phrase begins to have value: Real businesses are done without money. So Silvia Vallejos appeared, who gave me $4,000 as an investment, which I took with great responsibility due to the trust she was placing in me. We rented a small office and OPPPel real estate made it very easy for us to enter, something for which we will always be grateful to them. We put everything together with our own hands and, a month after starting, our first client arrived to build his house. Since then we have not stopped closing construction contracts. Thus, last year we closed 36 homes in gated communities.

– What is the current reality of the company?

Today the company has 80 employees and it makes me very proud that families depend on the company. Without a doubt, the key is to have a good team. I thank my wife Evelyn Purat, Andrés Purat and Ezequiel Velázquez for being part of Ikreha, being the first to bet on the project when we didn’t have a penny. It was his time and desire to get ahead that made us move forward.

– What services do you offer and what differentiates you from other construction companies?

Our service is 100% personalized architecture and construction until final delivery. And what really sets us apart from other construction companies is that we have a team of draftsmen with whom, right from the first meeting, we draw in front of the client. Also, no less a matter, we financed the construction with our savings bank and, not only that, we exchanged apartments and vehicles.

– What is the future of Ikreha?

Our project as a company is to go one step further in construction and launch our first building for sale.

Pilar Office Park Complex, Office Quatro Building, of. 201, Collector October 12, Ramal Pilar, km 42.

IG: @jonathangalingerok/ @ikreha.ok

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