third conclusion:
    After 20 minutes, the Kölner Haie are leading 2-1 in the derby against Düsseldorfer EG. All in all, that’s fine, because the KEC was the more active team and recorded 15:7 shots on goal. But just after the only penalty time so far, DEG came out of nowhere to a shorthander and thus to the lead. After a period of weakness, however, the hosts gathered and turned the game around with offensive spirit and determination.



    Nick Baptiste hangs up for Alex Roach, who takes care of the next Cologne shot. This time Henrik Haukeland is back on his feet and saves.



    Brady Austin

    Goal for the Kölner Haie, 2:1 by Brady Austin

    The sharks assert themselves well on the gang behind the opponent’s goal. Zach Sill looks twice and then it goes really fast. Via Carter Proft, the disc gets to the completely detached Brady Austin. This fires inside the left face-off circle and catches Henrik Haukeland on the catch hand side and hits the top right corner. This is the fifth goal of the season for the defender.



    On the left of the blue line, Stanislav Dietz swings a powerful slap shot. With a clear view, Henrik Haukeland sees the missile coming, but still has to hurry to sort the upper limbs and defuse this missile.



    Now the KEC is stepping up its efforts again, which in this case is again down to the front row with Louis-Marc Aubry, Maximilian Kammerer and Andreas Thuresson.



    Cologne seems to be waiting, which gives DEG the time to digest the goal and regroup. But nothing dangerous develops among the guests either.



    The atmosphere in the Lanxess Arena is of course heated up by the equalizer. On the ice, however, the whole thing cools down again. Both sides exercise caution.



    Andrew Thuresson

    Goal for the Kölner Haie, 1:1 by Andreas Thuresson

    Then the hosts bring the disc to the goal several times. Nick Bailen hasn’t had any luck yet. Maximilian Kammerer fishes the game device behind the box and makes things sharp again. Moritz Müller fires to the left of the blue line. Then the bar is already in play. And Andreas Thuresson pushes the thing over the line shortly afterwards. The Sharks’ parade series does it – and Thuresson scores his 15th goal of the season.



    Jon Matsumoto makes his way through the center. Of course, there is little space and there is no controlled conclusion. Cologne is currently not finding the means to become dangerous.



    Of course, the team that has been more active so far retains the initiative. However, the KEC is now struggling to come into its own. DEG keeps intervening and can now act confidently.



    The sharks have to digest that first. And so the Cologne majority passes unused. Alexander Barta now completes the ranks of guests again.



    Tobias Eder

    Goal for the Düsseldorfer EG, 0:1 by Tobias Eder

    Outnumbered, the guests strike. Stephen MacAulay leads the puck on the left in the attacking zone, fits perfectly to Tobias Eder, who does an excellent job in a central position, moves around Mirko Pantkowski on the left and nets with the backhand. The first shot on goal in Düsseldorf is sitting. And Eder scores for the tenth time this season.



    Alexander Bartha

    Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Alexander Barta (Düsseldorfer EG)

    On the other side, Jason Bast serves his colleague David McIntyre, who pulls in front of the goal from the left. In doing so, he receives a stick hit from Alexander Barta, who has to go down two minutes for it.



    Now the guests show up, Stephen Harper goes in front, conquers the disc and prepares for Tobias Eder. This misses the goal with his wrist shot from the left face-off circle.



    So, initially, the sharks are more actively involved in the game, more in the forward gear. DEG, on the other hand, seems to be hesitant, initially limiting itself to not letting anything get in the way.



    A little later it gets a little dicey. Mark Olver is much closer to the goal and also puts the puck on the box. Düsseldorf’s goalie has to intervene now and is wide awake from the start.



    Jon Matsumoto brings the disc to goal for the first time. It is still a rather tentative attempt that Henrik Haukeland has not yet put to the test.



    Sirko Hunnius and Marian Rohatsch should ensure order on the ice. Line judges Jonas Merten and Wayne Gerth help the two referees.


    The two clear regular goalies start between the posts – although Cologne’s Mirko Pantkowski does not have the better values ​​​​than Oleg Shulin. At DEG, Henrik Haukeland is in goal in practically every game anyway, and today he is making his 31st appearance of the season. Niklas Lunemann and Leon Hümer are on the bench today as backups.


    For the third time this season, this great Rhenish derby is on the rise. At the end of October they met in Düsseldorf. The Haie won 4:3 in extra time. DEG got revenge for this in Cologne in mid-December and won 3-2 in regular 60 minutes in front of 18,383 spectators.


    Cologne ended 2022 with a 4-2 defeat in Nuremberg. Before that there were two wins in a row – including at home against Straubing (2:1). However, the last home defeat is not far back either, it was against Bremerhaven before Christmas (1:2).


    At the end of the old year, Düsseldorf celebrated two victories in Munich (5:2) and against Bremerhaven (3:1). The last defeat came just before Christmas at home against Wolfsburg (0:1). Abroad, DEG has recently won three games in a row. The last time they returned empty-handed from a guest appearance in Iserlohn was in early December (4:7).


    In addition, the numbers are more in favor of the sharks. So there are clear advantages for the KEC as the third-best face-off team when it comes to the face-off. In this category no one is worse than the DEG. Cologne is also ahead in powerplay and penalty-killing – outnumbered as number one in the league. Düsseldorf follows not far behind in third place. Given the most penalty minutes (410), it is of course also appropriate that the Haie perform so well with fewer players on the ice. DEG has far less need of that given the 266 minutes.


    In addition to the geographical, there is also a tabular proximity between the two teams – the eighth has the sixth as a guest. With the same number of games played (34), the two separate four points. The fourth-best attack in the league (113 goals for Cologne this season) puts the fourth-strongest defense (84 goals conceded for Düsseldorf) to the test today.


    Welcome to the German Ice Hockey League! As befits our status, we start the new year with a hearty derby. The match between the Kölner Haie and the Düsseldorfer EG is part of the program for the 38th match day. The big Rhenish rivals meet at 7:30 p.m.