And the Straubinger number game is simply outstanding with a success rate of over 30%. Can Lower Bavaria strike now?



    Magnus Eisenmenger

    Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Magnus Eisenmenger (Löwen Frankfurt)

    Eisenmenger gives the guests their first power play of the day after a hook in their own zone.



    The Hessians go out of the almost four minutes without a goal and are still really well served. Straubing was about to take the lead with a shorthander.



    Now the Hessians have more luck than brains! Hildebrand cannot find the disc between the runners and the hard rubber slides behind the base line. Lipon rushes up and grabs the puck in a running duel, then deliberately puts it back on Kohl, who is completely blank. Hildebrand saves with the knob(!) of his cane!



    Tuomie is back on the ice. That’s the end of the lions’ brief five-a-side.



    Taylor Lyre

    Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Taylor Leier (Straubing Tigers)

    Leier’s stick puts Nehring on the ice in the neutral zone – a clear two minutes for legs.



    Burns misses the lead! Somehow the hard rubber tumbles into the slot, where Burns stands alone, but then loses control of the disc when he feints – lucky for Bugl, who therefore didn’t have to compete with the striker at close range.



    Parker Tuomy

    Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Parker Tuomie (Straubing Tigers)

    Tuomie takes a seat in the penalty box. The striker sits because of a high stick.



    And off to the power break. Straubing is now better than Frankfurt, but the puck doesn’t want to go over the line in this third.



    Double chance for the hosts! First McNeill nails a hard flick from the middle on goal, and then McMillan comes racing. Bugl also has the second degree after McMillan was able to hack the rebound again in the slot.



    After a hard pass from Vandane, Elsner takes the disc perfectly on the blue line and turns towards the goal. The attacker doesn’t hesitate and shoots halfway up, but Bugl grabs the hard rubber from the high slot as a matter of course after the shot. However, that was too easy. A quick pass and Bayern’s entire defense is undermined.



    An icing of Lower Bavaria – that should be the first icing of the game. The guests start the second third very well, even if there is an icing now and then.



    Brunnhuber hits the spot! Valenti pokes the game device with one hand in the middle to Brunnhuber, who fires from the middle at the housing – right on the left post.



    Akeson tries to set Festerling up the run with a mid-ball pass, but the puck trips over the Tigers attacker’s blade. The path would have been completely free.



    The spectacle continues! Pass #2 begins.



    Beginning of 2nd third



    Conclusion of the third: The Hessians got off to a much better start and appeared dangerously in front of Florian Bugl very early on. In the fifth minute it was Nathan Burns who deflected a sharp shot from the blue line and sent Bugl in the wrong direction. However, Straubing found his way back into the game somewhat happily through Parker Tuomie, but not only that. Only a few minutes later, Taylor Leier also marked the lead from the middle. A ripped off Dylan Wruck then got the surprised Frankfurt audience out of their seats with a brilliant backhand shot. It can go on like this – see you soon!



    A turbulent, fast-paced third ends with 2:2. Here’s something going. Now let’s go to the cabin.



    Elsner approaches Bugl alone and then puts it back directly in front of the goalie to D’Amigo, who pulls the ball straight away. Bugl was already on the ground, but somehow still raises his stick hand – a huge feat!



    Bugl closes the side of the stick after a shot from Burns. The angle was too sharp to flat-foot the Tigers goalie.



    One counter follows the next. Both teams are now throwing the switching game on and are constantly racing forward dangerously. Then the stalls fall quickly. Straubing turns the game within three minutes, but then has to accept the equaliser.



    Dylan Wruck

    Goal for Löwen Frankfurt, 2:2 by Dylan Wruck

    The next hit – the hosts equalize again! Bokk punches through from the middle to Wruck, who has sped past his opponent in the circle and then unpacks a quick forehand feint in a one-on-one against Bugl and hits the backhand fantastically under the bar!



    Taylor Lyre

    Goal for Straubing Tigers, 1:2 by Taylor Leier

    Leier bangs the next slap shot straight into the mesh! Samanski wins the puck on the right fence from the fray and pulls it off without a hitch. The Straubinger No. 8 follows his own rebound, curves around the goal and then finds Leier all alone in the middle with a fine backhand pass. Lyre slams right on it and overcomes Hildebrand for leadership.



    The goal is of course just right for the guests, but really didn’t show up. The lions have clearly dominated the game so far, but are simply countered here.



    Parker Tuomy

    Goal for Straubing Tigers, 1-1 by Parker Tuomie

    The guests equalize! Brandt carries the game device to the left of the gang over the blue line and just shoots low at the goal. Hildebrand can only deflect to the right, where Tuomie rushes in, takes a slap shot and sinks the disc absolutely perfectly into the right angle!



    Bokk and Wruck are picking up pace in the neutral zone and looking to combine through defense as a duo. Wruck then fritters away the puck on the boards and Bugl gets the game device with the long stick.



    Nehring pulls from the right face-off circle into the middle and then sends the hard rubber flat onto the box. Bugl has long had the schooner on the ice and easily clears it into the corner.



    Straubing cannot yet establish himself at the front. But the structure is now structured. Only in the last third does a lion keep coming to the playground equipment and nipping any danger in the bud.



    A great start to this duel. Frankfurt is playing freely again at home and is making a lot of steam here early on.



    Both goalies can now excel! First Bugl saves several times against Elsner and grabs the game device just before the goal line. Then the counterattack goes in the other direction and Leier aims for the long corner. Hildebrand is challenged for the first time and parries with the glove.



    Nathan Burns

    Goal for Löwen Frankfurt, 1-0 by Nathan Burns

    Burns makes the dream start perfect! Wenzel secures the disc in the corner and then lays it along the gang to McNeill, who deducts directly from the blue line. In the high slot, Burns runs in the middle and deflects the puck perfectly down at hip height, giving Bugl no chance!



    adam is back The guests are complete again and survive the first shorthand situation.



    Maginot finds Sezemsky on the left, who smashes the disc past the right post! The recovered Sezemsky is still missing the target water.



    Luke Adam

    Minor penalty (2 minutes) for Luke Adam (Straubing Tigers)

    The first penalty falls so quickly. It hits Adam, who is sent to the cooler for a hook.



    Elsner steals the disc in the high slot, turns to the goal and shoots. Bugl can be blocked and D’Amigo pushes the rebound onto the case, but the Straubinger defense can still clear.



    Let’s go wild! The 23rd day of play has begun – the disc is on the ice and the game is on.


    Let’s get to the starters in goal: Jake Hildebrand starts in the home side’s goal. Florian Bugl starts with the Tigers.


    Back to the Straubingers: Due to illness, top scorer Zengerle has to pass at short notice today. This is of course not a good omen for the guests.


    At Frankfurt, Dominik Bokk and Carter Rowney tower above. With 24 points, both are only second behind Matthias Plachta in the DEL scorer list. The loss of Brendan Ranford, who was just as successful, but still has to recover from his injury, is bitter for the team from the Main metropolis.


    Speaking of Travis St Denis. Together with the outstanding Mark Zengerle and Taylor Leier, he forms the spearhead of the Straubing offensive game. The three know exactly where the opposing goal is. And with Marcel Brandt, Lower Bavaria have a versatile and dynamic defender on the blue line, who already has 15 points under his belt. His plus-minus stat of +15 is DEL peak.


    Both teams meet today for the second time this season, but for the first time on Frankfurt ice. In the first duel, Dominik Bokk was able to equalize the 3:3 for his lions a few seconds before the final siren, before Travis St. Denis bagged the Tigers victory in overtime.


    But such a DEL season with its 56 games and 60 game days is of course a marathon. The half-time of the main round is slowly approaching. It takes staying power, consistency and a broad squad to remain successful. In a direct duel with the table neighbors, three points are excellent. Straubing could overtake the lions with a win today. Or the team from the Main metropolis extends the wafer-thin lead down a little.


    How does it look in the Main metropolis? The mood is just as rosy there! So far, the climber has simply had a fairytale season and thrilled with exciting games. Anyone who expected Frankfurt in the relegation battle after the DEL return will be taught better by the lions. The Hessians are in the middle of a hot race for the playoffs, and rightly so and fully deserved.


    Now the everyday life of the league is returning. And in this, the Straubingers should appear inspired despite the defeat. Once, of course, because of the moments from Tuesday night. But before that there was also the derby victory against the Panthers from Ingolstadt, who have firmly established themselves in the top group of the league this season. Of course, that is incredibly good for the Tigers ego.


    What was going on on Tuesday evening in Lower Bavaria? Round of 16 in the Champions Hockey League. The task against Frölunda Göteborg, who have won the thing four times already, was already difficult enough. And then the Tigers somehow had to correct the 0:4 from the first leg – nothing came of it, against the Swedes it was the end of the CHL. But at the powder tower, fans and team made for an unforgettable evening despite the elimination! The achievements in the first CHL season in the club’s history were duly applauded, including standing ovations and celebrations long after the final siren. It must have been one of those magical Champions League nights…


    Neighborhood duel in the DEL! Sixth place takes it up against seventh place. The Löwen Frankfurt are expecting the Straubing Tigers in the local ice rink in Frankfurt. At 19:30 it goes round. Warm welcome!