Ibra, all the cult fights of his career from Mido to Materazzi

Genius and recklessness like few others. Mido was the enfant prodige of Ajax who raced in cars through the streets of Amsterdam. Together with Ibra and Van der Vaart. They met downtown, bet on who was the fastest and then put their big cars in sixth gear. Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari. “We were crazy.” Ibra and Mido were good friends and still respect each other, but there was a moment when the Swede risked his life precisely because of his partner. Blame a pair of scissors thrown in a moment of anger in the locker room. “I was nervous. We argued on the pitch, then I lost my head in the dressing room.” The scissors graze Ibra’s face and end up on the wall, between him and Steven Pienaar, another talent never understood. After ten minutes they are there laughing among themselves. “But did you know that I almost killed you?”. “Certain”.