You already know the data: almost two million viewers have ceased to be that, viewers, during 2022. The Barlovento analysis center highlights the data as a consolidated trend: television consumption continues to decrease.

    And the television empires, both private and public, opt for foam, entertainment, euphoria and ‘fest’, to avoid that the television ends up being an increasingly useless and sterile piece of furniture. From the state telehipódromo Antena 3 seems to be the channel that best survives this flight from the audience. In the last program of ‘El hormiguero’ in 2022, for example, Paul Motorcycles he ended up jumping from a slide into a ball pool. It was the great event. motorcycles, like a child, waving his arms submerged in a bath of rubber balls. In other words, the formula of the playground is what is now in fashion. They want us to be like children in front of the television. Years ago I used to take my grandson to a McDonald’s near my house because they had one of those pools set up there. My grandson was not interested in hamburgers, he was going to dive in the sea of ​​​​balls.

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    Another program, ‘Your face sounds to me’, understood long ago that the ‘show’ of imitations of singers could give a lot of play and entertainment. Last Three Kings Day they built a special edition and the audience really liked the cloning of Lady Gaga what did the singer do Ruth Lawrence. Joy clothing, rhythm and colored lights. At T-5 they counterattacked that same night with another edition of what they call ‘Mediafest’ and which is the garbana version of ‘Your face sounds to me’, but using the gossips they have on their payroll. That they sing is the least of it, the important thing is that they come out dressed up and move. They had less than half the audience than A-3. oh! In this 2023, year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese calendar, there will be many elections. In other words, we will have children’s programming to the fullest, and in the news, induction, persuasion and construction of story-like stories.

    The Barcelona singer has appeared in the ‘Deluxe’ Rebecca Pous and she has told the presenter that in this 2023 all those who are of the Leo sign, like her, will have a shot of pheromones. “You’re going to fornicate with everything that comes your way, Maria!”, I assure. Y Maria Patino, Hugely excited, she exclaimed: “Oh! I’m going tomorrow precisely! to a soccer match.” So enjoy.